Sunday, November 29, 2009

We await Dave Neiwert's reaction

More right-wing anti-government terrorism?
PARKLAND, Wash. - A gunman walked into a coffee shop and shot and killed four police officers Sunday morning in what sheriff's officials described as a targeted "execution." . . .
The officers were obviously targeted because they were in full uniform, their marked patrol cars were parked outside and no one else was shot at . . .
Read more. And in case you don't know who Dave Neiwert is.

UPDATE: Breaking news, as edited by Dave Neiwert:
Here's the most recent suspect description: blackRepublican man, mid-20s to mid-30s, 5 feet 7 to 5 feet 10, medium build, scruffy and wearing a blackFox News jacket over a gray hoodedGlenn Beck sweatshirt and blue jeans.
All points bulletin for this dangerous Tea Party extremist!

UPDATE II: The slain officers were from the Lakewood Police Department:
This morning a complete coward and threat upon all of society took the lives of four of my Guild members and your sworn protectors in a cold blooded assassination. As I write this I am numb. We were dealt a nasty blow, good men and women I have had the honor of knowing for years are senselessly gone. There is no way to comprehend it, to validate it, or to make sense of any of it. You cannot understand evil like this, as a community we must form a solid bond against criminals and hold them accountable. I know my members and can say with certainty that as a group we will remain professional and will continue to work to protect those of you we have taken an oath to protect. If you know a cop tell them how much you appreciate them, it truly keeps us going.
Please pray for these officers and their families. All of them had significant others and children who are left behind. As a Guild we will do anything we can. If you want to donate to the families our Guild has a benevolent account. Every penny will go to the families; if you want to donate to a specific officer you can write his or her name in the memo section. If the check is made out to LPIG Benevolent Fund at PO Box 99579 Lakewood, WA 98499. I will personally make sure it goes where it is intended. May God bless you four who are in a place so much better than this; you are some of the finest professionals I have ever known. God bless our community today.
Brian D. Wurts, President
Lakewood Police Independent Guild
The manhunt for the killer continues. $10,000 reward. The gunman may be wounded.


  1. Were the shooters muslim, or hard lefties? Is there much of a practical difference? Should be interesting to find out.

  2. I went to the King5 News website linked by Drudge for this story. I suppose its a local news station. Guess what I found in the comments section?
    Comments have been turned off for this article

    If the killer was a White southerner I am sure the comments would be open.

  3. This is an unfolding tragedy in my community and I'd thank you not to politicize it. If you do need something to do in response to this terrible incident, please send a donation to the officers' families.

  4. Tacomamama said...
    This is an unfolding tragedy in my community and I'd thank you not to politicize it.

    I'm not politicizing it. I'm arguing against the politicization of it. And as you see, the police guild statement was already posted.

    Apologies to you, or anyone else, who may have been offended. That was certainly not my intention. However, any fault is entirely my own.

    To Dave Neiwert, of course, no apology. He is a dishonest bully who deserves to be insulted, and often, and by someone who knows how.