Tuesday, December 1, 2009

'Fanatical' Charles Johnson?

"All you need to know about this is to read what Johnson posted when the story broke that the Seattle cop killer suspect, Maurice Clemmons, had been granted clemency by Mike Huckabee. . . . I did not read of anyone on the left or the right attacking Huckabee's decision from a religious angle. Except Johnson. . . . This says it all."


  1. Charles Johnson is a drooling feeble nut-job, I am happy he has officially switched sides

  2. Huckabee is done, stick a fork in him.

  3. On a related note, I imagine you'll get a kick out of this.

  4. I did not read of anyone on the left or the right attacking Huckabee's decision from a religious angle.

    Acutally Ace did. And it is pretty funny.

    I think it is fair to assume Huckabee's pardon and clemacy positions were driven in party by Christian charity and forgiveness. That is great if you are a victim of a crime, it is terrible policy if you are governor of a state. While the clemacy and pardon power should be used in some cases (such as Romney with that Iraq War Veteran and bronze star hero who could not become a cop because he shot a friend with a bb gun when he was a minor)--it is a power that should be used with restraint.

    Rule of law should matter.

    And being a Christian does not give you automatic wisdom or common sense. Look at Jimmy Carter for an example of that.

  5. I agree with both Sammy Benoit and Joe, above.

    1. CJ is a few bricks short of a load.

    2. And I've read two or three accounts of Huckabee's clemency decisions being driven by Christian charity and the recommendation of pastors. As Joe said, a governor does not have that prerogative. Public safety has to be the overriding concern, and Huckabee appears not to have considered it to the degree required.

  6. the only thing in the world that matters to Charles Johnson is Charles Johnson ...

    the only thing in the world he is fanatical about is himself ...

    the only core principal he possesses is his whatever he feels is in his immediate interest ...

    add all that to the fact that Johnson is an intellectual nullity, a snark artist, backstabber and smear merchant, and you got yourself a textbook borderline personality, in the medical-psychiatric sense ... he makes Nixon seem stable in comparison.

    basically, Charles Johnson thinks all white people from the South are terrible, except the money-grubbing schlubs at the Southern Poverty Law Center ... that is the purported gravamen of his attack against The Other McCain. And having overused and burned out the term "racist" to such an extent that it lacks any potency, even for him, he is forced to attack blog enemies as "white supremacists" despite the fact that the target of his wrath holds no white supremacist viewpoints ... and despite the fact that his own archives are full of the most racist, venomous and bat-shit deranged attacks on Muslims (as documented by LGF watch ... go wade through their equally bat-shit leftist crapola for the backup) ... all approved, and in many cases dittoed, by Johnson himself. Does he think the rest of us are as wilfully blind as his little clique?

    In reality, though, RSM has clearly proven that Johnson's left pivot is financially motivated by his self-inflicted spat with PJM over money ... the guy who claims he never was a conservative (despite hectoring his followers into voting LGF as a top conservative blog) now claims to be leaving the right (despite previously denying he was ever there), primiarly because he hates RSM ... a blog war that started because The Other McCain had the temerity to stand up to Johnson's attacks ... that is the true explanation for Johnson's jihad against RSM, all masked by Johnson's own prejudices and ulterior motives.

    Note that Johnson has personal axes to grind with almost all his blog/media enemies ... RSM ... HotAir (for retaliating against Johnson for Johnson approved comment smears left by a Johnson sock puppet) ... Beck (for criticizing him on air) ... etc., and so forth ... what other proof does one need that its all personal to Johnson, not professional or detached. He is like an eighth-grade girl, determined to destroy any girl who so much as gives a dirty look in the cafeteria.

    Johnson's problems go deeper than being broke or being an first rate asshole ... at worst he is bay-at-the-moon crazy, or a sardine-can meglomaniac ... at best he is intellectually lazy frontrunner, like Kathleen Parker, who is "for" whoever is in power ... either way, it speaks ill of the man's character. The worst this southerner can say about Johnson is that he is no gentleman.

    So, I wouldn't be a bit surprised after November 2010 to see Johnson start to tack starboard again ... finally attempting to re-cross into conservative longitudes c. 2012 ... but, alas, it is too late for him ... he will be adrift with his little band of sockpuppets and boot licks ... beloved of no one worthwhile, and distrusted by all ...

    on the bright side, however, maybe his complete lack of character, writing ability or insight will be sufficient for the Atlantic to give him a gig ...

  7. Is everybody just about tired of hearing about Charles Johnson?

    I mean, we get it - he's an a$$ and a lousy photographer to boot. Oh yes, and he's shadow of his former self. Can we move on now?

    Everytime I see his name in a blog title, I immediately click over to the next blog on my favorites list.

    If he sucks so bad, why doesn't everybody just quit reading his blog and commenting on it ad nauseum?

    Stacy, I love reading your blog. You have a great style and really do a good job digging for the real story. But you lose me a bit responding to CJ all the time.

  8. My final comment at LGF, posted about 40 minutes before Charles's manifesto/cry-for-help:


    I used to think LGF was a humorless, original-content-free drag of a blog, but no more! Not after this month. First, in the face of tragedy, you provide a moment of levity with your brilliant Onion-worthy "Shooter identified as a Major!" spoof of PC headlines. And now you again masterfuly mock Al-Sharpton-like hypersensitivity by "demanding" that everyone see racism in the ages-old 3-monkey icon.
    Keep up the good work!
    PS...I hear R. Stacy McCain dislikes black people so much he is considering a move from Hagerstown, MD (Afr-Am pop. 11%) to Hermosa Beach, CA (Afr-Am pop 0.4%).

  9. This whole thing is kinda interesting, but seriously Mr. McCain- what the heck is this


    How long has that been like that? I honestly don't know. Never been to his site.

    Is he saying "us liberals" or "U.S. liberals". It was just strange to me to word it like that. Maybe a ko-inky-dink.