Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm a lot like Tiger Woods

Spectacularly talented guy with a sexy wife is forced to make an embarrassing confession:
I'm human and I'm not perfect.
I can totally relate. Except that I don't have a mansion in Florida or a Cadillac Escalade and, unlike Tiger's golf game, spectacular talent in blogging hasn't made me rich. Yet.

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  1. And you don't get beat up by your wife, crash your car at 2:25am or cheat on your wife. At least I hope not.

  2. Ah, Stacy, but you're rich in friends. I'm hitting Mrs. Belvedere's tip jar -- IYKWIMAITYD.

  3. And just like Tiger, your bride married you for the fame and money.

  4. @OCC,
    It could have been love.

  5. I think he should have been honest with the police from the outset and the media would have left the story alone.

    I find it very strange that he postponed a meeting twice the cops and then the 3rd time he canceled. If Woods had nothing to hide he could have simply stated he was driving his vehicle down his property and lost control because he was on the phone or falling asleep or changing the radio, but since that didn't happen I think there's more to this story.

  6. I think we should leave the woods to thier own problems.

    and for the record...I would have finished you off,dear.

    I think maybe I married you for the wild ride!
    and love too!!

  7. The problem Mr's The Other McCain is that would be fine if Eldrick didn't drive off his property. Then who would know that his wife tried to make a hole in one with his head? What irks me is that celebrity gets a pass in this country when it comes to accountability, and his arrogance magnifies it. Remember Martha Stewart? All she did was lie. Why? Because she thought she was above it all, beyond consequence. May be Eldrick will be just a house cat after this.