Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to blog Kate Beckinsale . . .

. . . if you must!

She has a lovely smile, don't you agree? Why, then, does the Classic Liberal feel the need to show Kate Beckinsale nearly naked? True, it is Rule 5 Sunday, but must Classic Liberal really give us Kate Beckinsale bikini pictures? Kate Beckinsale underwear photos?

Such a gratuitous display is unnecessary. Kate has a beautiful smile. Why should she wear anything else?


  1. I wish I had a Serendipitous encounter with her!

  2. kate Beckinsale- a beautiful person inside and out. My favorite movie she was in -Cold Comfort Farm!

  3. Sure, Kate Beckinsale has a beautiful smile, but she looks even better in a leather corset, ala the Underworld movies and Van Helsing.