Friday, December 4, 2009

That other 'climate of hate'

Not the Tea Party "rage" hyped up by the Defamation League. Not the phony "Southern populist terrorism" scare that made Andrew Sullivan hysterical with fear. And not the Boston Globe's bogus claim that President Obama has been targeted by a record number of threats.

No, I'm talking about the climate of hate in the real world where, Michelle Malkin reports, police are being gunned down in cold blood:
The Left's police-hating chickens are coming home to roost. While partisan liberals have gone out of their way to blame conservative media and the Tea Party movement for creating a "climate of hate," they are silent on the cultural and literal war on cops that has raged for decades – and escalated tragically this year.
The total number of law enforcement officers shot and killed this year is up 19 percent over last year, according to the Christian Science Monitor. More officers have died in ambush incidents this year than any other since 2000. . . .
Clemmons had told numerous friends and family members to “watch the TV” before the massacre because he was going to “kill a bunch of cops.” The witnesses did worse than nothing. Several have been arrested for actively aiding and abetting Clemmons – with shelter, food, money, and medical aid — before he was discovered in Seattle early Tuesday morning and shot after threatening a patrol officer investigating Clemmons’ stolen vehicle. . . .
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  1. Yes, another officer was killed just this morning in your home state. Officer Philip Davis of the Pelham, Alabama Police Dept. was shot dead during a routine traffic stop. The suspect is in custody.

  2. As a conservative, I hate to disagree on the causes, but I don't think liberals or a climate of hate are to blame.

    Crazy people are crazy. Period. It also runs in families.

    I stopped trusting the police years ago, mostly as a result of interacting with them during traffic stops. I'm a white, overweight, older than middle-aged female and the way I've been treated at least 1/2 the time I've "officially" had dealings with a cop pissed me off royally.

    There is a poison spreading in our law enforcement and it's neither the fault of liberals or conservatives as far as I can see.