Thursday, December 3, 2009

American Glob's Inagural Blogger Interview--Smitty

by Smitty

American Glob contacted me for an interview. It was both an honor and an occasion to talk about blogging with Stacy, offer a few thoughts about politics, and throw out some biographical tidbits that just haven't come up.

It's easily the best interview you'll ever read, at least until he gets around to Little Miss Attila, The Sundries Shack, Riehl World View, American Power, No Sheeples Here, Paco Enterprises, The Camp of The Saints, Instapundit, Troglopundit, The House of Eratosthenes, A Newly Conservative Lesbian, or the admittedly mysterious Sir Not Appearing On This Internet


  1. Thanks for the mention, Smitty! I'll check out AmGlob!

  2. Smitty,

    No love for the Valley of the Shadow? Even Goth Conservatives come out of the dark for an interview!

  3. Thanks for the link to Paco Enterprises, Smitty, but it's busted (the link, that is).

  4. To be included in your list with those other great bloggers [except, of course, TrogloPundit] is an honor. Thank you.

    I just read the interview and enjoyed it quite a bit. You are the Federalist di tutti Federalist.

  5. @JSF,
    No slight intended to any omitted from that quick list, sir.

  6. It's good to get an understanding of the flesh-and-blood behind today's bloggers. Whenever I read a post from Smitty, I will now hear the music from the "Victory at Sea" soundtrack playing in the background...

  7. Smitty,

    None taken.

    There's another list coming (following up on the list of 35), get ready.

  8. Smitty,

    You are a gentleman AND a scholar, sir. I cannot thank you enough for the kind mention of my blog in this post.