Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty
My humblest apologies concerning the FMJRA Saturday post. Technorati wasn't even accepting logins, much less displaying blogs. I really hope they quit with doing the website impression of the economy Really Soon Now. On to more pleasant topics, e.g., Rule 5 Sunday.
  • Politics and Critical Thinking serves up a YouTube clip that is neither politic, nor demonstrative of critical thinking, nor, in fact, strictly SFW. Edgy for this family-friendly post, but instructive nonetheless.
  • Chad at KURU Lounge announces he thinks he's in love with Felicia Day. So besotted is he, there is no link. Google images to the rescue:

  • Jeffords points us to Nikki Haley. "...she has combined the best of Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal into one" he says.
  • Donald Douglas confesses a crush on Jessica Simpson. Will this help her grade in your class?
  • The Classical Liberal launches Rule 5 Saturday with Emilie de Ravin, a choice with which one can find no fault.
  • Mark Freeberg, struggling under the weight of Wanda "Kidney" Sykes-osis, still finds time to link Heather Mitts.
  • The Instapundit, in full Hope and Change bloom, goes totally artificial. Should have listened to Billy Joel: "Should I try to be a straight-A blogger? If you are, then you link too much." Now look at the man. Tragic.
  • WyBlog focuses on the economic angle with the oldest profession, in Germany.
  • Pat in Shreveport answers the beefcake call with Heath Ledger.
  • Paco has a silver screen contribution that's not to be missed, including Clark Gable. I wish I had a pencil thin mustache...
  • At the Point of a Gun links Padma Lakshmi's intense burger commercial while noting that Maxim put Michelle Obama two places above her in their ranking. Loo-hooosers.
  • The Political Castaway goes inter-species on us. It's not clear which Rachel has less intellect. You may want to mute the video clip.
Standard rules apply: send links to Smitty the Porch Manque for inclusion. Keep linking and hitting the tip jar, and we'll all get through this together.

UPDATE (RSM): In honor of the "Not One Red Cent" rebellion, I'm featuring this patriotic pinup, asking everyone to vote NOT ONE RED CENT until the GOP elite stops treating the conservative grassroots like a doormat. Of course, William Teach at Pirate's Cove invented the "Patriotic Pinup" Sunday, so his is definitely owed linkage.

Speaking of red, or rather, crimson: Deuce Geary at Skepticrats brings us sexy Sela Ward -- who is, I must point out, a former University of Alabama cheerleader, Roll Tide!

Update II:
The Daily Gator argues that Nicole Mansky is a major reason to watch NASCAR.

Update III:
HotMES remembers Farrah Fawcet.


  1. "Grassroots" "conservatives" (Michelle Malkin, etc.) are petulant children, always threatening to take the ball and go home. News flash: The GOP isn't all about damn "grassroots" "conservatives." At least, it wasn't, until you boys scared the rest of us out the door with the religious quackery, foreign policy adventurism, and general hick-pandering.

    By the way, I use scare quotes because so often "grassroots" "conservatives" are people like Michelle Malkin or Sean Hannity, folks neither grassroots nor conservative. (Remember, you can be right-wing without being conservative, and conservative without being right-wing.)

    I'd rather be perpetually in the minority than succeed by appealing to the worst aspects of the American public, which is exactly what "grassroots" "conservatives" tend to do.


  2. I'd rather be perpetually in the minority than succeed by appealing to the worst aspects of the American public, which is exactly what "grassroots" "conservatives" tend to do.The you are an idiot because all being in the minority means is that the other guy gets to cram his asinine policies down your throat.

  3. Personally I found the plastic doll boobs Insty posted to be quite erotic. But I'm thinking that's just me.

  4. Anonymous reminds me. The one creature I'd run out the flaps of the Big Tent even faster than the squishy "moderate" is the humorless prat. If you post something like that on a Rule 5thread, you surely qualify.