Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My high school history teacher

I'm not kidding, OK? John Siegel is a much-beloved history teacher at Lithia Springs (Ga.) High School, and why the alumni administrator of his Facebook fan group chose this photo for the profile, I'm not quite sure. The "Siegel = Sieg Heil" joke was already stale when we used it more than 30 years ago.

At any rate, Ginny at Obi's Sister lives in Lithia Springs, where her son is enrolled in Der Fuhrer's AP European history class -- final exam essay question: "Slavic untermenschen: Threat or menace?" -- and Ginny told me that Our Supreme Aryan Leader had this Facebook page.

Oh, just wait until the Southern Poverty Law Center finds out. "Links and ties," you know . . .


  1. He looks like an apologetic Hitler or like he is being scolded. Poor fella.

  2. rotflmao

    You shouldn't have! He WILL find you, you know.

  3. I had him back in 98. You must mention the fact that he dresses in period costume as a teach aid. In his Asain History class he dressed as Gahndi during the India section.