Saturday, May 16, 2009

Revenge of the Clonebots, or How to Do Full Metal Jacket Saturday By Hand

Smitty is out of town again this weekend, and e-mailed me before he left town that it was "tits up" for the Technorati clonebot army with which he usually compiles the Rule 2 Reach-Around weekly round-up.

However, rather than break the Saturday link-back tradition, I'm going to attempt to compile the round-up manually, like I did back in the Dark Ages before we had Smitty's high-tech assistance. We're rockin' it Old School, homies. This will take hours to complete, with repeated updates. But be patient and check back, and we'll try get to everyone eventually, in a more-or-less random fashion: OK, that is a mere beginning of the sprawling, comprehensive roundup that will be compiled through successive updates, as I laboriously do this reach-around by hand. (Heh.)



  1. And I celebrated "1.5 million hits day"

  2. You're killing me, McCain!

    I e-mailed my super hot post to Smitty! Set your eyes on the lovely Jessica Simpson at my post, "Full Metal Saturday: Jessica Simpson"!

  3. D.D.:
    It'll be in the Rule 5 Sunday post, too!

  4. I'll help you speed it up, I linked to you twice in my blogwhoring post of 5-09, 3 more times in my Cheney choses Limbaugh post of 5-12 then again in Carrie Prejean topless news on 5-14, you don't have to post this, just wanted to tell you where to find my links

  5. If you are thinking about gorgeous conservative ladies one need go no further than Sarah Steelman from Missouri.

    She needs to be a rising star in the conservative movement.

  6. It looks like our host needs more lube to finish the post. And maybe a pair of rubber gloves, like Mandy Pepperidge in "Animal House".