Saturday, May 23, 2009

Finally, My Joy Returns. Ahhhh!

by Smitty

This week's Full Metal Jacket Reach-Around is once again brought to you by Technorati, which seems to have recovered some of its mojo. No, I did not unleash some sort of virus to cover my flaking off the last couple of weeks. The cover was convenient, however. Back on task, the Porch Manqué brings the linky-love.
  • We'll start off at the Sundries Shack. He linked us on the Maureen Dowd cut-and-paste triumph. Hey, I just realized: Maureen Dowd and Arianna Huffington are distinct people. You may all envy the quality of my liberal nitwit filter. He didn't hesitate to join the Not One Red Cent movement.
  • No Runny Eggs printed the full memo to Senator Cornyn: No Endorsy Jackass.
  • Right of Course linked a Green Room post on the Obama conquest of Notre Dame. In a follow-up, RoC breaks out the "C" word
    I just wanted to add one more point about the whole forced diversity idea. One more consequence of this type of policy is a sort of defacto communism.
    . Finally, RoC linked the Cheney Tortures Pelosi post.
  • Perennial favorite Donald Douglas brings the linkage. The Larry Summers reference in Diversity Through Homogenization caught his eye.
  • Dad29 endorsed Rubio of Florida, allowing that "Not One Red Cent" is more polite than he'd have been. He hat tipped the Weaver post, likening bad political strategists to Taking Medical Advice From Musicians. Now, Brian May is a Dr., and Queen certainly rocks that progressive utopianism. So what's not to like?
  • Obi's Sister got on the Not One Red Cent Bandwagon. We also made another roundup of hers, which has the nearly sacrilegious line Marco Rubio is the Anti-Crist. But we like it edgy like that.
  • Another blog-buddy, Carol got into the 8 random facts meme. She had a rather sports-centric entry, I thought. And she has a formidable FMJRA post of her own.
  • This blog made a Paco roundup. He also appears to have approved of my entry in his Michael Moor caption contest, though I think I missed a verb in there.
  • Dustbury linked us explicitly to shame us for not having added him to the blog roll. As his post was on the topic of attractive ladies, the Clever S.Logan seemed good company.
  • Jules Crittenden linked in the Cheney Tortures Pelosi post amidst a sizable roundup on the topic.
  • William Teach had a fine Instapundi-ism: "They said if George Bush Barack Obama was elected president, sex ed would be taught at the kindergarten level. And they were right!", and he linked the Girl Scouts post. Hope, change, and rainbow-defecating unicorns for all my friends!
  • Pamela Geller was right there for the Not One Red Cent moment. I, for one, would pay to see that lady on The View. I'd even TiVo the twisted piles of human wreckage Gellar would leave in her wake.
  • This blog got linked by DavidL in celebration of Stacy's gas guzzler. Eric Florack at the same blog asked to get on the
    Not One Red Cent list. One of the nice aspects of this is that, contrary to Connecticut, Rubio is not about substituting a rich goon for a Senator.
  • Moe Lane heaped abuse on Stacy's taste in beer:
    Corona is the beer-flavored beverage of choice for your giggly coworker who hasn’t gotten over the fact yet that the bartender always makes a big deal out of putting a lime wedge in her bottle.
Thanks to the power of YouTube, we can link in the (NSFW, language) Monty Python take on American Beer, which probably applies North or South of the Rio Grande:

  • Oraculations is on the Not One Red Cent bandwagon.
  • Pat in Shreveport also celebrated the viral nature of Not One Red Cent.
  • Sparty at Political Bear seems to have a problem with the new fuel-efficiency standards. Something about 'we are losing our freedoms'. I don't remember what they were.
  • We made back to back installments on Canada's Steynian blog.
  • The Blogstitution links the Green Room/Diversity Through Homogenization pieces. These cultural observations are dead on, but they are built upon a foundation of historical ignorance and disregard for the Constitution. The net effect is that we are headed for feudalism. The brilliance of the collectivist movement is that they have tricked the voters into asking for it, vampire style.
  • Kathy Shaidle appreciated the amazing professional value of a bad reputation. Which begs for a Joan Jett break:

  • The Political Castaway floats the idea of an Obama-Hannan debate:
    I would pay good money to watch Hannen take Obama in a debate. Eloquence vs. Uh....; Extempranous vs. Telepromter.
    I'm sure the sycophants would think it 'unfair'.
  • The Political Bear noted Stacy's disinterest in fuel efficiency, and even trotted out the F word. *gasp*.
  • Allahpundit did link Stacy on the Newsweek downgrade, even if Stacy hasn't made top billing on HotAir yet. So at least that's something.
  • Mr. Kat over at Jumping in Pools noted that Stacy had linked Robert Smith Jr. (no relation) while Stacy was wondering aloud if the general Democratic case of cranial-rectalitis might be starting to abate, at least in Michigan. It's just too early to tell.
  • Gabriel Malor is less negative on the Newsweek strategy shift. But at least he quoted this blog.
  • The Patriot Room also picked up the When Democrats Start to Doubt in a roundup.
  • Monique appears to have been close to the epicenter of the blog pox.
  • We get some lefty love from Up Yer Noz:
    i just can't get over how quickly and completely the GOP has fallen. and i can't get over how what's left of the party base simply doesn't tolerate any effort to make them electable again.
    What's fascinating about the Left is their non-grasp of the fundamental Constitutional issues at stake.

  • The Poliblogger also takes Stacy to task
    And there’s more along these lines, all in post entitled “RINO-ism and the Demographics of Defeat.”
    There are two rather major problems with his “analysis.”
    • First, the party isn’t losing its base, it is losing everything else.

    • Second, the Rove strategy, especially in 2004, was a base mobilization strategy, not a treat the base like doormats strategy. Indeed, the Bush/Rove years were not exactly exemplified by the GOP going out and forming a party based on what McCain would call RINOs–indeed, it was just the opposite.

  • Stop the ACLU picked up on “Future Femi-Nazis of America!”
  • Veloicworld linked a Rubio post, and included a Dennis Hopper clip from Blue Velvet, I think, that is more than a little disturbing.
  • Generation Patriot links the Ah, The Joys Of Guilt By Association post. And is this not true for all conservative bloggers?
  • Lance honors the neo-Confederate white supremacist xenophobic bigoted nativist hatemonger, but his Wordpress site is either not properly registered on Technorati, or there is some wardrobe malfunction occurring between the two sites. Technorati may be the more likely culprit. So we're not always getting the links through the Army of Clonebots. Of course, they could be at fault, too, but admitting this would involve something like objectivity. And the Porch Manqué got his from Andrew Sullivan, so you're all beat there. Cutting to the chase, if I've omitted you, it's not a sin of commission. Please deliver an SMTP flogging to smitty to amend any oversights.
For example, I'd like to hear more from: And do hit the tip jar, so that I can get some better table scraps. And have a blessed Memorial Day weekend.

Pundit and Pundette are helping with the technical difficulties. Technorati thinks they are chopped liver, apparently. But chopped liver doesn't care much for the decay of schools and organizations like Girls Scouts.
They also proudly linked the Mark Rubio clip, never forgetting the Greatness of America. We still have another 42 months to go?


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