Thursday, May 21, 2009

Amp This Up

by Smitty

Thank heaven for the Randy Barnetts of this country who merge the passion with the stature and the courage to fight to alter course away from Socialist Shoals.
It'll take Randy and a cast of thousands, like the readers of this blog, and that shy, introverted little churchmouse Stacy McCain, but we'll git 'er done. Failure is a lefty-only option.
This Bill of Federalism is a sine qua non, friends.


  1. Mr McCain- I beg to differ
    I think the bill would be a tremendous improvement over what we've had the last 75 years.
    but "Sine Qua Non"? No
    If we just had an honest, conservative party (which I stipulate we clearly do not and have not had for 14 years) this Bill would be redundant.
    And - because we do not have an honest conservative party the bill will never generate the convention needed to enact it. In my personal opinion, formed by 49 years of active participation in politics - starting with president of my college YD's in 62, it aint happenin.
    Politics is not science so I could be wrong. I hope this bill does generate a convention (since that in my opiniion is more likely than turning the leftist/collectivist tide in the GOP).
    But my money is on nothing gets done.

    an old exJarhead
    Cerritos, Cal

  2. a) That was a Smitty, not a Stacy post.
    b) You underscore my sine qua non point:
    If we just had an honest, conservative party (which I stipulate we clearly do not and have not had for 14 years) this Bill would be redundant.We don't. Irrespective of the good it accomplished, the Progressive movement has trashed federalism. See Jonah Goldberg. It is high time for just such a Come to Beavis meeting. If you're supporting something less strident, then you're helping the ronngg team.

  3. I totally agree with ya, Smitty. Barnett has a very good idea here.

  4. Smitty,

    Folks can hear Hugh Hewitt interview Mr. Barnett by listening to the podcast here.

    I'm still thinking hard on this one. So far all I got is "risky, but worth considering."

    However, to answer our anonymous Marine (and thanks for your service), Mr. Barnett has made it a crucial point in his discussion that the goal isn't so much to force a convention as it is to send a message to congress, and get them to end, or at least seriously cut back on, the unconstitutional usurpation of powers originally reserved to the states. If the only way to force it into congress' ears is to force a convention, then that's a risk (possibly) worth taking.

    As to whether it ever happens, cynicism isn't activism. Also Governor Perry may have been the first to speak out, but he's not the only Governor with the opinion that the Federal govt. is wayy out of line. So a little more positive ahh, ehh, hope and change sir, if you would, please.