Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dr. Sanity: How do you feel about the POTUS?

by Smitty

It's simply not clear, amidst all the spin and ambiguity:
  Understand that I listen to people for a living. I hear various degrees of honesty, sincerity, and real emotional pain being expressed on a regular basis. I also hear some of the most self-serving, dishonest and completely irresponsible utterings that it is possible to imagine. Yet, in my professional career, I have to freely admit that I have heard nothing like the deceitful and self-aggrandizing utterings of Barack Obama, which seem to get more and more pathological with every speech he gives. His most recent scam, in the National Archives in front of a fake copy of the U.S. Constitution just about takes the cake. This is not irony, so much as it is the grandiosity of tyranny.
  Bill Clinton--who I actually liked for the most part; even his amusing narcissism, which seems so childishly innocent in retrospect--was completely harmless compared to the sociopathic statist that is our current POTUS.


  1. My recollection is that I always despised Clinton, but everything is relative, I suppose, and I'm starting to look more kindly on him, in spite of myself, in view of the disaster we now have in the White House.

  2. I concur about Clinton. Much as I detest what he's done and stood for, compared to Obama he is personally pleasant and fiscally responsible.