Thursday, May 21, 2009

Does the California Situation Seem Familiar?

by Smitty

  California For Sale, by Llyd Garver, sure does sound familiar, for old comic book geeks:
  Governor Schwarzenegger's suggestion to help get California back on its sandaled feet. He recently proposed that the state sell off some of its most famous properties: San Quentin Prison, the Los Angeles Coliseum, the Cow Palace, Del Mar Race Track, and various state buildings. He explained that it's just like some people in the current recession having to sell their homes or luxury items like boats, second cars, and motorcycles. He wants to have a big garage sale, and even sell the state's garages.
  Didn't Howard Chaykin do this a while back?
  The Plex has formed the Tricentennial Recovery Committee, to get America "back on track for '76", but the TRC is in reality a plan to sell the United States off to the new superpowers and to leech off the remaining inhabitants before gaining true self-sufficiency. As a result, the Plex has outlawed non-combat related education, organized sports such as basketball and personal aircraft, restricted media to only one outlet, the Plex itself (although it has multiple channels), and advocates and glorifies the use of political violence amongst independent policlubs by providing money and firearms for its hit TV show Firefight All Night LIVE!, and covertly sterilizes the population by using a combo contraceptive and antibiotic called Mañanacillin to reduce the population.
  Chaykin was much closer to Bladerunner than The Terminator in feel. But a classic, nonetheless.


  1. I'm thinking more like "President Chet Roosevelt". A late 70's feel.

  2. Holy crap, someone else remembers American Flagg.