Monday, May 18, 2009

TMI, Smitty Edition

by Smitty (I was insufficiently favored to be tagged by S.Logan, but, what do you expect, I'm not exactly available)

1) I'm the son of a son of a sailor. Served on three ships out of San Dog.
2) Favorite verse of the Bible is the counter-intuitive "Consider the work of God: for who can make [that] straight, which he hath made crooked?--Eccl 7:13". In fact, that inspired a 4,000 word novella "Thorgun the Crooked" that I wrote as an undergrad. Historical-piece-cum-spleen-dump after being dumped my junior year in college. It was only mildly mysogynist.
3) Sports are not my thing at all, but I will crush anyone in a game of cribbage.
4) I can spell piobaireachd though my lips fail and my left hand goes to sleep trying to play the couple I've studied. However, I did move Mt. Fuji
5) My first date with my wife was Joe Satriani, on his Engines of Creation Tour. Here is a gorgeous groove off that. (Can't wait to hear him on Chickenfoot).
6) I used to collect comic books, but got bored. I used to drink, but got bored. I was just in Las Vegas, and the thought of gambling made me bored. Got my bumpers on at The Pinball Hall of Fame, though.
7) I completed the San Diego Marathon, once (2000). Highlight was giving a shout out to my classmate, The Toolbox.
8) Created my own poetic form, haiku sonnet. Art is better than I can do, for a given medium.

If this doesn't dispel the rumor that I'm some sock puppet of Stacy's (bonus facts: he's ten years and a day my senior, and I have a sister named Stacey) I don't know what will.


  1. I'm a son of a son of a sailor myself. Granddad was a Seabee in WW2, I was an aircraft mechanic for the same outfit some years later.
    Granddad told Dad he never wanted his kids to be Sailors or mechanics. I'm sure I was a great disappointment to him.

  2. The first concert I went to with my wife was Joe Satriani. But after paying absurd amounts for parking on the Sunset Strip and standing in line and getting our tickets, she felt ill and we went home without ever going inside. We still laugh about it.