Sunday, May 17, 2009

Works out to just under $4k/word

by Smitty

Common Cents points to some uncommon frogskins. The Community Organizer in Chief delivered a 3,545 word gumflap to the Domers.
The pack of irate alumni at Replace Jenkins have announced a $-13.9 million un-downment as recompense for the days festivities. That works out to the speech costing the school just under $4k per word.
The joke, of course, will fall on the alumni, who mistakenly thought that their opinion matters a fig in Hopey-changereich. Somehow, through means perverse enough to defy a simple imagination, I expect they'll get rooked like those holding Chrysler debt.

1 comment:

  1. Ahhhhh...
    The bitter disappointment that the commencement speech went much better than anticipated.
    For all the supposed " interruptions" promised by Randall Terry, only 4 spoke up--only to be drowned out by the rest of the alumni.
    But you guys thought you saw a political opportunity and you over played your hand....again.
    Back to the drawing board, eh fellas?