Wednesday, May 20, 2009

VIDEO: What Charlie Crist Is Up Against

Moe Lane is becoming a believer. As I said at the Hot Air Green Room, everybody who has seen this video is asking the same question: Why in the world would John Cornyn and the NRSC back Charlie Crist against this guy?

Hat tips to Pat and Carol.

BTW, the Not One Red Cent rebellion is growing rapidly: 3,400 visits in the first four days, including nearly 1,400 yesterday, with a boost from Conservative Grapevine.

UPDATE: Now front page at Hot Air, and John Hawkins has just published the petition to the NRSC. If you're a blogger who wants to sign the petition, e-mail John.

Meanwhile, Matt Lewis reports on the movement, linking to Erick Erickson's latest "Not One Red Cent" message at Red State.

UPDATE II: Now a Memeorandum thread.

UPDATE III: Dave Weigel of the Washington Independent and Eric Zimmerman of The Hill both report the story. Blogged by Dan Riehl of Riehl World View and at Hyscience.

UPDATE IV: John McCormack at the Weekly Standard offers side-by-side comparison of Rubio's speech with video of Crist introducing Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Townhall's Greg Hengler is now a Rubio fan, as is Fausta Wertz.

UPDATE V: K-Lo has a new poll on the Florida Senate race, showing Crist with only 49% favorable among Republicans. Compared to that, Rubio's relatively low name-ID is inconsequential. How many Americans had heard of Barack Obama 15 months before the 2008 Iowa caucus?

UPDATE VI: The Rebellion Goes Viral! Meanwhile, Matt Lewis sees the video and says:
To be sure, the NRSC's premature endorsement of Governor Crist would have evoked some negative reaction -- even if his primary opponent were some right-wing nobody . . . or a squishy liberal Republican. But with Rubio, the Republican establishment has essentially pushed aside a young, attractive, conservative, Hispanic, highly-qualified, experienced leader.
BTW, you know who has a man-crush on Charlie Crist? Republican "kingmaker" Fred Malek. NTTAWWT.

UPDATE VII: Dad29 and Sundries Shack applaud the Rubio video, Pundette says, "The last two minutes made me cry," and St. Blogustine says, "It's Payback Time!"


  1. I agree. This guy is very impressive.

  2. Ruh Roh,

    You may have thought it was only some seaweed, but it's actually a "moderately" small fish on the line:

  3. Sign me up. Major upgrade from Martinez.

  4. Stacy: BTW, my link to your post isn't showing up on your "Links to this post" feature (this seems to be happening off and on). Wouldn't want you to think that the thrill is gone...

  5. yawn.
    Reminds me of that 14 year-old Conservative weirdo kid the GOP has been parading around lately.

    Another thing is that he's Cuban-American, which in itself doesn't really make him Hispanic.
    From friends that I've spoken to, Cuban American's, specifically Cuban-Americans from Florida, have done all they could to separate themselves from the Hispanic community as a while. He might do well in Florida, but don't look for your token Hispanic to make any headway outside Florida...

  6. Yeah, yeah, yeah Y4E; we all knew what you were going to say before you posted:

    -"Nothing to see here, move along."

    You get the unofficial "Officer Barbrady" award.

  7. Funny the utter incapacity of libs to understand that he is lauded for his character ... and no-one gives a crap about his skin color.
    You suggest that all of America is so Democrat-racist that he's not "hispanic enough" to... what exactly?
    Reminds me of the presidential candidate who wasn't "black enough" to... what was it again you seem to think skin color enables you to do?

  8. Yea, but Crist has that tan going for him.