Saturday, May 23, 2009

Scrappleface brings the perspective

by Smitty
Scott Ott, in his inimitable style, puts the Mancow waterboarding in perspective with a full 9/11 allusion:
Like the waterboarding experiment, the simulated 9/11 attack will occur under controlled circumstances, with firefighters and paramedics standing by to rescue him once he makes the choice of death by inferno or death by sidewalk impact.
"I just want to find out if being trapped in a burning skyscraper is as bad as that horrible waterboarding was,” said Mancow. “It’s hard to imagine anything worse than waterboarding. I’m pretty confident that I can withstand the searing heat of jet fuel combustion as I cling to a window frame 900 feet above the street."
Read the whole thing.


  1. Leave it to the left to defend the rights of the 911 mastermind and to forget about the incinerated, smashed, and crushed Americans.

  2. Wow. There is no contemptible action in which a conservative will make sorry excuses for. If conservatives, if you want to call them that, are so inclined to defend war and torture, why not simply come out and support gay marriage?

    Liberals are bad, but conservatives are hellbent on beating them for for the immorality prize.

    The more I think about it, the more I think Osama bin Laden is a genius. He knew the United States had an over-inflated sense of itself. He attacks the United States, and we go to war. In the process, we sell our soul bit-by-bit. Not only did Osama manage to murder 3,000 men, women, and children in the course of a few hours, he managed to lead the US away from decency.

    He totally flipped the script around. Al-Qaeda = bad; US = good. Torture is roundly considered a bad thing. But we have the "good guys" writing stirring (and funny) defenses of torture, because, if we don't torture Muslims, we could find ourselves with another smoldering building.

  3. @Cody:
    One wishes it possible to set you up in a position of responsibility where you'd get to make tough calls and feel the weight of your decisions.
    No one is coming out in favor of waterboarding. This post, and the the argument of many on the right, is that War is Hell, and this is among the things that happen.
    One hopes you'll grasp the perspective one day.

  4. Cody, it must be nice to wake up to a whole new world every morning. Since you seem to have no idea what happened yesterday, let me tell you about Daniel Pearl. A nice liberal reporter he wanted to get AlQueda's side of the story. Unfortunately for him, Kahlid Sheik Mohammad caught him and sawed his head off with a not very sharp knife, This, of course, before we waterboarded anyone. Pardon me for not caring that we poured a little water on him.

    So save the sanctimony. Your boy Obama is quite willing to keep the redition programs up and running. The only difference is now when we let some mideast regime keep a suspected terrorist we get diplomatic promises that those folks will be nice to them. Oh, and hope! and change!

    Sure would be nice if a lib would, even by accident, side with America, just once.

  5. Cody, I will sink to the depths of hell and rape Satan's corpse if it saves just ONE American life.

    "Liberals are bad, but conservatives are hellbent on beating them for for the immorality prize."

    And I will lift that prize above my head and people will say: "Thank God they didn't send Cody."

    And BTW, are you equating gay marriage with torture or immorality?