Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thank you, Christopher Orlet

He says what a lot of conservatives have been thinking:
I have a question for all the moral equivalency experts out there. Isn't hiring Bristol Palin to be the spokeswoman against teen pregnancy a bit like appointing Tommy Chong drug czar? . . .
Ms. Palin's public appearances are awkward, cringe-inducing balancing acts. . . . Motherhood is wonderful and a blessing. Here, just look at these adorable photos! Oh, but unplanned teen babies will also ruin your life. The fact is Ms. Palin is sending more mixed messages than a Blackberry in a blender. . . .
Read the whole thing, especially the conclusion. Orlet is perhaps too hard on teen mothers, and not hard enough on unwed mothers -- nor on the sperm-donor scoundrels like Levi Johnston who evidently feel no remorse or embarrassment over their selfish abandonment of the mothers of their children.


  1. For every single mother out there, there's a single father. He's usually invisible.

  2. Wow, you were right to say "read the whole thing". That might be the single best last-paragraph ever. And so true.

  3. Uh oh...
    get ready for your character assassination at the
    hands of Cultists 4 Palin.
    They simply WON'T put up with anybody speaking
    ill of the Palin family....

  4. My sentiments exactly. Bristol Palin needs to stay home with her baby -- and that's the advice her parents should be giving her. That's what would send the message, "I've learned to become a responsible adult."

    Plus, she's extending that lout Levi's 15 minutes of fame.

    I blogged about this when Bristol launched her TV blitz:

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  8. Christopher Orlet said…

    “Gov. Palin had been preaching the virtues of "abstinence only" for years”


    This is demonstrably false. Either Orlet knows this to be false or he is too lazy to do some simple research. If he had done some research, he would easily discover that Governor Palin has NEVER been a promotor of "abstinence only". Instead, he lazily repeats a false meme of the left. Does Orlet also believe that Palin said "I can see Alaska from my house" or that she banned "Harry Potter" from the Wasilla library...before it was written? One might also point out to Orlet that all the Palin kids go to public schools and there are no "governesses". If Orlet is wrong on simple facts, how can we believe anything he writes? I know I can't. Shame on Robert Stacy McCain for promoting an article that is littered with falsehoods and intellectually lazy.

    This is a good piece, by R.A. Mansour, which points out the inaccuracies and hypocrisy in the Orlet hit piece on the Palins. As you would the whole thing.