Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crowd estimate spin

Notice that the Washington Post sticks to the vague "thousands" in estimating attendance at today's McCain rally in Fairfax. So that's a minimum of 2,001, we assume.

Also notice that almost half their coverage is devoted to the actions of a small group of disruptive Obama activists at the event. So even when McCain lures a big crowd, the MSM still makes sure that Obama's message is the Big Story.

BTW, for the third consecutive day, McCain holds a statistically significant 5-point lead over Obama in the Gallup daily tracking poll, which measures registered voters.

Programming note: About to depart my sister-in-law's house near Columbus, Ohio, and take the kids to go see Grandpa Bittner, who lives near Mansfield, Ohio. From there, it's a 7-hour drive back home, so I'll be offline until about midnight. Browse the blogroll.


  1. I was there. The stage threw out the figure 20k, and mentioned it was their biggest crowd yet, FWIW.
    Fred later mentioned the Van Dyke park venue had to do with the board having an emergency meeting and citing policy about not using the school. Fred alluded to other candidates operating in greyer areas. Ho hum. The sky was blue, the place was chummy without feeling claustrophobic, and a jolly time was had by all.
    A fellow from Fredicksburg, a Rob Gravit (please, correct me) led off at 0900 on an acoustic for some fun tunes.
    The Democrat-voting-McCain businesswoman from Richmond and the Hillary-supporter-voting-McCain were fun.
    Fred (my choice) was cool. The Vice-Maverick and the Maverick were both good. Nobody ventured off stump to say anything really fresh.
    Tragically un-diverse crowd, though. The bulk of the non-caucasian attendees were the ones seated in backdrop. Seriously. Really need to get Rove going on that one.

  2. Hey, is it me, or is Palin using her acceptance speech on the stump?
    Their is alot of repetition going on here. How many times is she going to use the "thanks but no thanks" line?
    oh...that's right. I forgot what side she's running with.
    You see, Republican's think Conservatives are soooo dumb that they won't get the message unless they repeat it over and over and over and over....
    One of us.One of us. Gooble gobble.....
    As an intelligent Republican, do you not find any of this just a bit...creepy?