Sunday, September 7, 2008

Obama: 'My Muslim faith'

Game, set, match:

(Via Ace.) Translation? Allahu Akhbar!

At this point, he might as well strap himself with C4 and blow up a bus of schoolchildren or something.

Yes, I realize that is a completely irresponsible misinterpretation of what he was saying, but when the Democrats are running around spreading crazy rumors that Palin broke up her husband's business partner's marriage, what the heck?

UPDATE: Speaking of Allah:
If McCain's responsible for every smear leveled against Obama by a conservative whether he condemns it or not — as certain prominent nutroots bloggers have long asserted — then by extension isn't Sullivan's Palin smearapalooza a de facto operation of the Obama campaign?
Translation? Tu quoque.


  1. Boo, it's about as relevant and useful as the hit job on Peggy Noonan.
    You're an awful lot better when you're in positive mode, you know.

  2. How do you spell potatoe in Arabic?

    Barack Obama=Dan Quayle.

  3. It is a tenet of analytic psychiatry that slips of the tongue frequently reveal our true emotions.

  4. Typical conservatives, flinch in the face of a bonafide legitamate line of attack.

    This is precisely why we libertarians are so damned skeptical of our conservative cousins. You guys really are wimps sometimes.

    Look, the guy spent 4 friggin' years at a heavily dominated Muslim School in Indoneisa for gosh sakes. His childhood friend at the time said "Barry was a Muslim... and read the Koran at regular services."

    What more friggin' proof do you all want than that?

    Sheesh! Conservative biddies. Man up. If not, we libertarians will have to take the lead on this, once again.