Friday, September 12, 2008

Obama in the bunker

"A vixen huntress in a skirt"!

From Copious Dissent.


  1. Shag me senseless, that's a funny one.
    Thank you. Stand by for viral overload: that's got legs.

  2. I'm stealing it for my blogsite. Its the funniest! Just finished watching the second episode of Gibson Gets Gidget, and this was the perfect antidote.

    Many thanks!

    Andrea Shea King

  3. LOL - someone had too much time on their hands.... AND I LOVE IT!!! Very funny.

  4. Oh hilarious!
    Hitler=Obama! Wow! That's comedy genius!
    OMG! This from the Party who's convention looked
    like a country club for caucasians only! Too much!
    I totally get it!
    A presidential candidate who exemplifies diversity
    compared to a madman who exterminated millions in order to racially "purify" his country! So ironic!
    I'm splitting a gut here!
    Too much! Gibson as a henchman!!! Brilliant!
    Palin stumbles on her first unscripted national test,
    looks like a moose caught in headlights and it's Gibson's fault!!! It's funny cause I didn't see that coming!

  5. Oh chill out, young 4-eyes. It was hysterical and you know it.

    (!!11!! !)

  6. Wait a minute... I thought BUSH was Hitler! I'm confused...