Monday, September 8, 2008

Overnight roundup

Since I'm about to be out on the road (en route to a McCain-Palin event in Ohio) here are some questions to ponder until I get back online:
Those are the questions. The answers are somewhere out there, in the heartland, and I'm going to go find them.


  1. 1 - I hope we aren't that thin-skinned, we'd be Obama.

    2 - Pretty much a safe bet. At the least it's a student of his.

    3 - Indeed she did. An amusing turn of phrase in what's otherwise dull fare.

    4 - Their very manhood shrivels like a short stack of dimes.

    5 - Could be. Depends on which women and how fickle they are. (hope that's not sexist)

    6 - Only if they meet, then it will come to blows.

  2. OK.
    Michelle didn't diss Palin. She was simply telling the truth( oh, there goes that scary word conservatives are afraid of...)
    How come Republicans can't tell the difference between intelligence and cunning?

    The Right keeps bringing up this "smear" business as if it were perfectly innocent of their own vile smear campaign.Sounds to me that in trying to stick this smearing business on Axelrod, perhaps the Right is trying to kiss up to the media before "precious" hits the circuits.You know, get the kid glove treatment.
    I'm just not sure that Palin can handle the high-pressure world of international politics if she can't stand a little heat in her own backyard. She should stop whining so much. It is sooo unbecoming...

    Huffington did call Palin a Trojan Moose. What of it?!

    Liberals are NOT scared of Palin. We're just besides ourselves at the way Conservatives are lapping this sh*t up! It doesn't bode well for our country, the breathtaking stupidity of some of our fellow Americans.
    The other questions I couldn't care less for.
    Have fun at your rally. Try not to swoon, you putz.

  3. Sarah is greta!

    I think this shirt says it all:

  4. young-4-eyes -

    So how much does Axelrod pay his Astroturfing staff these days? I mean: can you afford Starbucks or are you a Maxwell house guy?

  5. Sorry Jim.
    Just a passionate observer on the night shift.
    I'm mostly interested in what motivates Conservatives and I get a kick at the way some of you are reacting to this manufactured political ploy. Sorry, but Palin is nothing but a bone thrown to the Conservatives in the Republican party. She is the bait that the McCain campaign used to hook you in.
    What I don't get is how a Party that stands on supposed principles bends so fast for someone who strikes me as a big-government populist.
    Oil windfall profit re-distribution?
    I get the impression that the real motive here is voting for someone you can "identify" with, which is the most ludicrous excuse I've ever heard.
    Plenty of you guys "identified" with Dubbya and what did it get you?
    Anyway, I think this election became a circus when Palin was asked to run for VP. All along, while you guys complained about Obama being a celebrity, it turns out that what your side wanted was a celebrity of your own... Who would've thought?