Monday, September 8, 2008

Keith Olbermann = Moe Green?

That was Jimmie's suggestion, but I don't know. Don't you think KO's more ... Fredo-ish?

At any rate, everybody's having conniptions that Olbermann won't be anchoring Election Night at NBC, but it's not like David Gregory on the anchor desk will be so much better. Besides, I would have relished watching Olby go psycho as the results started coming in and he realized that St. Hopey was the loser:
Missouri -- McSame 56 percent? ... Missouri has always been a bigoted Bible-thumping backwater anyway. Screw those cretinous bumpkins. Same goes for those dimwitted vermin in Indiana, where the GOP's coded appeals to psychological fears of miscegenation clearly resonated. ...
Wait! This just in from Daily Kos! -- it appears that bogus tallies on electronic voting machines in Castle Rock have enabled the McSame campaign to steal the election in Colorado ...
The dude's just too tightly wound. It's a matter of time before they find him wandering through the subway in his underwear and a raincoat, babbling to himself.


  1. That's an insult to Moe Green.


  2. Easy does it! After years of mediocre conservative blogging, please don't associate me with that. I'd tenderize KO's face just for recreation.