Tuesday, September 9, 2008

'Sarah Palin U R My Role Model'

That's Meghan Ellis, 17, of Maineville, Ohio, at the McCain-Palin rally I covered today in Lebanon, Ohio.

Huge crowd on a rainy morning. If you squint hard, you can spot Meghan's poster in this photo:

Here's my favorite picture from today:

That's John Kauffman, 83, of Franklin, Ohio. He's a Navy veteran of World War II (1943-46) who then joined the Army and served in Korea (1950-54). He said of John McCain: "He's my buddy. I don't know him personally, but I like what he stands for -- country first. . . . I know all the veterans are standing for him."

Here's another shot to give you an idea of how big the crowd was:

And here are three Jaynes sisters -- Andrea, Sydney and Felicia -- and their friend Chloe Garland sporting homemade T-shirts.

They say the Palin pick has got them "pumped." And if Obama's mad about Maverick stealing "change," wait until he finds out Republicans are also stealing "hope":

Here's a lady who has bred her own caucus:

She said there are three more family members who are still undecided "but we're working on them."

Here's another hugeness-of-crowd shot:

Finally, an Ohio girl who's happy to be 18:


  1. You ought to be a photographer. :)


  2. People at a Republican rally always look so happy and the Dems are always looking so angry. Great pics. Go CUDA!

  3. I grew up in that area, and it truly is the heartland. So nice to see the grassroots and town squares again. Wonderful pics and article.

  4. Did you get to stand in the media section? It looks like most of your pics are from there. Do they let bloggers work there, or do you have other media credentials.

    BTW, I was there too, and it was really amazing. Nice pictures.

  5. Well.

    If you were an AP reporter, you'd tell us that "More than 1,000 people were at the rally."