Sunday, September 7, 2008

'Do I have to show them my stretch marks?'

Over the weekend before the convention, campaign aides made the uncomfortable decision to urge her to go public with her unmarried 17-year-old daughter's pregnancy in order to rebut salacious Internet rumors that the teen was actually the mother of Palin's own newborn child. An aide, speaking anonymously because the matter is sensitive, says that Palin and her husband grew angry about the allegations. "Do I have to show them my stretch marks?" she asked one campaign official.
(Via Hot Air.) This is probably not a question you'd want to ask a blogger who's getting thousands of hits a day from people seeking bikini photos. What's most interesting in the article, however, is that Palin was by no means a McCainiac:
When the GOP held its Alaska caucus on Feb. 5, Palin didn't bother to endorse a candidate. . . . She had never met or spoken to John McCain. But she indignantly dismissed his opposition to drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as the politically correct -- yet wrong -- position of "Eastern politicians."
See? I knew I liked her. Crazy Cousin John was last on my list, too. Maybe once Barracuda has straightened him out on ANWR, she can try to get him right on immigration, too.

If she's done nothing else, Palin has lifted Allah out of his habitual pessimism, as Ace notes. And since Ace won't link it, I will:


  1. Every time I hear that song I picture John Travolta amusing little Mickey in "Look Who's Talking." And by sheer coincidence, that movie was about a single woman who did not abort her baby. Imagine that ;~)


  2. One thing that is stated, but not discussed, which is just as bad as McCain's opposition to drilling is that she endorsed, and enacted, corporate profit taxes on oil companies (raised the cost of gas). That sounds a hell-a-lot like the rest of the socialists/communists in Congress and those trying to thieve their way into the White House.

    I have heard it, spoken a few times I think, but nary a discussion about it from the left or the "right". And, yes, it is a huge issue. Some might even say it has been THE issue, and it's taking of the lead in issues is all that gave McCain's campaign a breath and chance. An issue both of them are weak on. Only in comparison, and thinly, theoretically, is there a difference. Again.