Friday, September 12, 2008

Snob? Moi?

Sarah Palin "said nucular. Twice." Liberal blogger runs screaming from the room.

Really, you people need to get a grip.


  1. TO-MAY-TO TO-MAH-TO? Who really cares? There are a variety of words that everyday Americans mispronounce, including liberals. The difference is that we're aren't usually so petty as to point out such menial things. Yet liberals are usually quick to point it out and claim that whomever it may be is an idiot. Stick to the issues.

  2. I thought Jimmy Carter said it that way, too.

  3. Yeah, there are words we all mispronounce.
    But we're talking about the leaders of our country here, aren't we?
    Ever hear of leading by example? Are we to gloss over mispronunciations because your beloved President was too mush mouthed to get it right?
    Oh, maybe it's one of those cute, quaint things politicians do in order to " connect" with the plebes?
    Why stop there? How about PERSIDENT?
    Or let's try CONSTITATION?
    What's so hard about pronouncing NUCLEAR?
    Seriously guys, your Party is fast becoming the ship of fools everybody thinks you are.

  4. I'm less concerned with how a candidate pronounces words, and more concerned with whether they can go two days without stepping on their own crank.

    Obama isn't just "not ready for prime time," he's not ready for Saturday morning cartoon hour.