Thursday, September 11, 2008

Question his patriotism

Being a conservative means many things, but it begins with believing that liberals are wrong. Always. About everything. Therefore, if a liberal says something, the opposite is likely true. Case in point, Obama says:
"I don't care what they say about me but I love this country too much to let them take over another election with lies and phony outrage and swift boat politics."
Michelle Malkin notes the implicit message:
[A]ll who dare mock him or challenge his Absolute Moral Authority suffer from patriotism deficiency.
In other words, according to Obama, if you vote Republican, you don't love this country. In fact, according to Obama, if you didn't vote for John Kerry, you don't love this country. Because no one loves this country as much as Obama (especially not that old dude who spent six years in the Hanoi Hilton).

So there's only one thing to do now: Question his patriotism. Routinely. Openly. To his face. If Obama says he is more patriotic than his opponents, then what Team Maverick should do is to portray him as unpatriotic.


  1. How could I question Barack's patriotism? Or, for that matter, how could I question any Democratic or Republican (big or little D and R) on the issue? No, it is not their love of nation I question. I question only to which nation, religion, or ideology it is maintained.

    For Obama, I am quite sure he is a self-satisfied if secret muslim and AFRICAN(-amercian). With Biden, I see Castro as HIS Unkle, or old (and new?) Russia. McCain is more like a French, German, and British patriot (minus the Queen, if not queens in general). *sigh*

    That should clear that up. You are welcome.

  2. Only Michelle Malkin can take Obama's quote and twist it around so that it means what it doesn't mean. A suspension of belief is necessary in order to take that huge leap from Obama's comment to some supposed questioning of patriotism.But leave it to the Vietnamese boy in drag to take a shot at it.
    But the kicker,Robert, is your call for a full-court-press on Obama's patriotism. Really?
    Do you want to go there?
    For the sake of all of us, why don't you please define patriotism? Flag pins? Flags? What?
    I know what patriotism is. I feel it everyday. And I'll tell you it does not resemble what you guys define as patriotism.I live in NYC and was here in the middle of it all on 9-11. I witnessed patriotism first hand.Us "North-Eastern elites" exemplified patriotism while you guys sat on your sofas and watched. No need to tie yellow ribbons around our trees for us...
    So you want to question others' patriotism?
    Oh Robert, I get the feeling that some of you are feeling a bit edgy, perhaps even a little nervous...
    And I thought you were above it all....

  3. I don't generally question Barry's patriotism, but that's only beacause he doesn't have any.

    He doesn't like people questioning his respect for the ladies, either; only a moral ignoramus would ever confuse his meaning when he uses the terms "sweetie" or "pig."