Monday, September 8, 2008

Palin: Worse than Cheney

The way liberals demonized Dick Cheney in recent years has amused me, because if you actually know anything about Cheney, you know he's not at all the wild-eyed right-wing ideologue he's made out to be. Conservative, yes, but he's really a pragmatic public-servant type -- an administrator -- and nothing like the Machiavellian manipulator that the Left depicts. That they would single out the vice-president for especial scorn is the classic example of their unhingedness.

And now Sarah Palin.


  1. I do not know, nor have I ever met Cheney, but, that leftist fear of him and their hatred for him has always baffled me. People I know feel that way. As when they say that Bush is stupid, I always have to ask, have you met the man? Have you tested his knowledge and learning capacity? I say the same about Cheney.

    I never have known much about Cheney. He seems fine, he has never lead me to believe he is even as conservative as I am, but he hasn't lead me to believe he is as socialist as President Bush, though I suspect he is similar, as are all "public servants" of, at least, recent times.

    I don't find it so humorous as proof the lefters are unbalanced. Not with an extra chip on a shoulder, more like many, if unevenly placed. They seem crippled by their hatred. I thought I was an angry man, until I met the opposition. Thankfully, I am the one who is armed. Thankfully for both of us. (which has lead me to suspect the reason they are for gun control is because they know they are out of control)

  2. Boom all I can say is that I have not met you too, but I know that you are stupid!