Friday, September 12, 2008

'Forces of evil'?

Andrew Sullivan:
We have a chance now to defeat the forces of evil that Obama has smoked out of their cubicles.
"Forces of evil"? He's not talking about al-Qaeda, he's talking about Republicans. That evil 51% of voters in 2004. Those thousands of evil people who show up for rallies in small-town Ohio.

My wife? Yup. She's "forces of evil," too.


  1. I was at the McCain rally in Fairfax.
    Does this make me FOEd for thought?

  2. If being conservative is evil, I don't want to be good....=D

  3. My lefties used to call me Darth Vader. I think they realized the problem, as with D.V, I too changed. Only, I survived my change. And, I think they realize, logically, that what they support IS the empire. Thankfully, logic has nothing to do with it. Still, they shy away when I joke about being their Darth Vader. So, if I am their evil, I am good with that.