Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Senate, Considered as a Scene from a Monty Python Flick

by Smitty

Instapudit links PJTV's Allen Barton interviewing Brian Darling summarizing his Human Events article describing how the Senate plans to use another piece of legislation as a Trojan horse, a Parthian prophylactic.

Terry Jones and Yaron Brook follow up and discuss the parliamentary tactics and Constitutionality of the idea.

The entire clip is well worth your time. But if you've just a moment or two to spare, consider a more symbolic summary.

The Monty Python have skillfully dramatized the situation. In this rendition:
  • the healthcare legislation is a wooden, wheeled rabbit
  • the American people are French soldiers in a castle
  • their liberty is the Grail
  • the Senators are dressed as knights and lampooned by the best
  • the American people do that which is fitting and proper with the whole crapadelic idea.

More seriously, how about the GOP Senators, e.g. this blog's namesake, demonstrating some integrity and calling foul on this entire disgusting charade?

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  1. Smitty, I propose we round up David Brooks, David Frum, Christo Buckley and a couple others of similar ilk, dress them up in tweeds and have them re-enact the race for Upper-Class Twit of the Year.