Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who is S.L. Toddard?

He left a snarky comment on my American Spectator story, and merits a response in the Hot Air Green Room:
Mr. Toddard, what you are doing is what psychologists call "projection." Evidence and facts are irrelevant to your own worldview, yet you wish to be considered a rational, well-informed person, so you project onto scapegoated "Right-Wing militants" your own faults and errors. You should seek professional help.
Quite obviously, a man who drives 570 miles to Clay County, Ky., to find out what's actually happening here cares more about the facts than a man who just sits around ranting about "poison flowing from the right wing media sewer." . . .
Read the whole thing.


  1. Fisking and bourbon: what a combo!

    Bravo, Stacy.


  2. Stacy, I was just reading, (and wondering), the same thing........

  3. Hey, welcome to the home-state sir! And thanks for doing us a service in correcting many misconceptions about the state.

    What's probably most ironic is that KY is quite close to a literal line between North & South (look at old Civil War maps). Thus, to northerners we're backwards hillbillies while to southerners we're traitorous yanks.

    Ah, good times.

    If you're around in the Louisville area I'd be honored to show you around.

  4. Naw, I'm not with Bob, man. There's a sign at the fence that explicitly sez "Do NOT Feed The Trolls!"

    Tossed him your whole Happy Meal. Why?


    I can't understand why Antle doesn't just ban or erase the lad's foul work. Rewarding him with Immortality isn't what one would think of as as a just reward.

  5. I'm me. Mr. McCain - you said, "The decent, hard-working, honest, law-abiding citizens of Clay County have been indicted by liberals as being complicit in some sort of fever-swamp redneck jihad which — according to people like S.L. Toddard — is the real motive for Sparkman’s murder." This is a straw man, as you know - I never said, nor did I imply, nor do I believe that the residents of Clay County are "complicit in some sort of fever-swamp redneck jihad". I also did not say, nor did I imply that the murder was inspired by "the poison flowing from the right wing media sewer". What I said was that if it were "proven beyond any doubt that these men were inspired by crazy-talk about Marxist takovers, Liberty Tree-watering and Islamofascist Manchurian Candidates", no one in the right wing media that engaged in such talk would accept responsibility, and that they would instead insist that they cannot control how every nut in the country misinterprets their message. I know you understand the profound difference between what I said and what you charged me with saying.

    Please retract that slander.


    I'd never been a fan of your writing - most of what I'd read of your work seemed to me to be ultra-conventional, Fox News Right boilerplate. That is, until I stumbled upon this ridiculous LGF/Kejda Gjermani assault on your character. I had *no idea* you were a southern patriot, associated with the League of the South (which I, a New Englander, find admirable in the extreme) or a friend to Richard Spencer. In other words, I had no idea you were that interesting or that truly conservative, and my previous estimation of you was effected by that ignorance on my part. Both Ms. Gjermani and LGF's smears against you are obscene and baseless - they slander you as "racist" for what seem to me to be your most admirable qualities (though you really should have done more to defend Richard Spencer, who is an asset to the real Right and who does excellent, invaluable work at Takimag – if he truly is your friend you should defend him like a man). I wish you'd display them more in your work at AmSpec.

    In conclusion, I did *not* slander the good people of Clay County, and I do *not* have any idea who committed the murder or for what reason, and do not believe there is enough evidence for anyone to *conclude* that this was the result of crazy-talk on the Right. My point was that if it were determined that this was the case, those persons on the right who engaged in such talk would not accept responsibility anyway. Also, (and not that you'd care) though I've not been a fan of your recent work, I support you in your fight against the baseless smears of the Thought Crimes division of the LGF/Commentary Axis of Idiocy, and I wish you would more often display those qualities that get that Leftist faction so incensed.