Monday, September 28, 2009

Live from Kentucky!

Sorry for the delay with the update, but I got to Manchester, interviewed a few sources to get some background on the Sparkman murder case and had dinner at Pizza Hut.

Yes, they have a Pizza Hut in Manchester, Ky. In case you're one of those people who thought Deliverance was a documentary, I've got news for you: Clay County is not nearly as backwards as the MSM would have you believe, as I told Jimmie Bise at Sundries Shack:
"The idea that they're sitting around festering with 'right wing populism' and whatever Andrew Sullivan said was going on here . . . is so far removed from the reality of the place."
Oh, yeah: The hotel in town has an indoor swimming pool.

Well, I've got a midnight deadline for the American Spectator, and then must try to get some sleep, but now that I'm on a Wi-Fi hookup (Sully: "They have Wi-Fi in Kentucky?") you can expect regular updates. And tomorrow, I might even have a little Rule 5 surprise for you.


  1. OT: Barack Obama doesn't appear to know a single, sane, normal, human being:

  2. "Oh, yeah: The hotel in town has an indoor swimming pool."

    Haven't you heard? In the South and Southwest, that constitutes promoting alternative lifestyles.

  3. Never mind the Wi-Fi - do they have indoor plumbing??

  4. This is like breaking into Fort Knox . . .

    Anyway . . .

    Ain't one o' them thar indoor cement ponds "indoor" plummin?

    Ole Suth'rn Boy

  5. Besides . . .

    Southern hospitality is the supreme hashbrowns at Waffle House.

  6. How many hound dogs were on the hotel steps?

  7. You're right...just a feeling that much more is involved here. Excited to be able to follow your investigation via internet. Good luck and stay safe.

  8. You mean they have a cement pond down thar?

  9. "you can expect regular updates."

    Not if you get into the moonshine.