Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gimme a 'T' for Texas!

"What is it with these ignorant, arrogant self-styled bi-coastal types who presume to declare that anyone who does not conform to their tastes and preferences is just an idiotic hillbilly? I'm probably more educated, experienced, and well-traveled than about ninety percent of those fools, but because I choose to live in West Texas rather than in some crime-ridden urban rat-hole, I must be the second coming of Jimmy Swaggart."
-- Mike LaRouche, Lubbock, Texas



    Comment 27 is interesting

  2. Mike
    I couldn't agree more. As a native Manhattanite and current New Jersey resident I enjoy being called a redneck by online neanderthals when I engage in political chat on AOL. PS. I am not very relgious either.

  3. Thanks for the link, Stacy! And I agree, Buzzz. It's always amusing how so many people in the on-line world jump to a multitude of conclusions because of a simple political opinion.

  4. Well, I really am a broken-toothed redneck living in a tin-roofed shack with old cars in the yard.

    No huntin' dogs or overhauls, though. No accounting for taste.