Thursday, October 1, 2009

Probably an Accident

by Smitty

My head nearly 'sploded at seeing Eugene Volokh on the Huffington Post:

They'll quickly realize that he's sane and quit using his work, I'm confident.

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  1. Indeed, a quick perusal of the comments shows immediate dissatisfaction with an author who would do something as silly as oppose government speech censorship. Lots of equivocation of "hate speech" with "incitement to violence," which is about the sophomoric level of understanding expected at HuffPo. Very few had the epiphany that a government which gets to define hate speech, guided by no less than the U.N. of all corrupt and biased institutions, just might do so in a way conflicting with their own personal vision of liberal utopia.

    With censorship, we wouldn't be able to readily identify idiots like these by their naive comments.