Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Black Conservative on Darrion Albert

by Smitty

Another Black Conservative remains positive on the bully pulpit power of the President:
Glorification of the "gangsta life" is everywhere in black culture. It is in the music, the videos and almost everything else our youth consume. Where are the black parents, teachers and leaders to say; "enough of this shit"! Where is the Congressional Black Caucus or the NAACP to speak out on the destruction of our people from within? Again, all they offer are tepid responses.

As you are all well aware, I have no love for Obama's whacked out Socialist polices. However, I do have great respect for Obama as a role model for the black community. He is educated, he clearly loves and respects his wife and he is a good and providing father to his children. He has spoken to blacks about the importance of education, the need to strive and fatherhood. As President of the United States, Obama is in a unique and possibly once in a lifetime position to finally bring attention to black on black violence.

Others have tried to raise the awareness of this subject, but none have had the soapbox Obama has. With such overwhelming support of blacks, I hope Obama takes advantage of this opportunity to speak out on this dire issue.
I'd like to feel confident, but I'll await action.

As you watch Bill Whittle (his best essay among many greats, in my opinion), you realize that there is an implicit, informally organized movement afoot to wreck everything.

I used to read the Rolling Stone, when I was too young to realize their inability to interview artists like Rush and Joe Satriani spoke volumes about the problem, and there would be four star reviews for rappers. Rolling Stone would go on about what 'artists' these nihilistic, sophomoric, sociopathic madmen were. Here is the NSFW version of "Boys in the Hood" given a Peter, Paul and Mary reading by Dynamite Hack. This lets the "work" criticize itself:

Connecting the dots between the Frankfurt School, the President's bizzarro record thus far, and the situation within American black culture, I suspect that BHO's racial identification may have been yet another marketing device en route some sad little banana republic regime. It would also be great to be proven wrong on this point.


  1. "en route some sad little banana republic regime"

    Careful Smitty1e or Dan Riehl will start comparing you to Glenn Beck...

  2. I love that dynamite hack cover! So much satire, so little time.

  3. "Black community," "black culture," "black experience:" FUBAR! Those are racist terms. So are "white community," "white culture," "hispanic community," "asian community," ad infinitum. It's all identity politics death of a nation, death of a civilization, death of human values. It is FUBAR, death, that is all.

  4. really now smitty, YOU??? are going to play Rap critic?
    It's like asking Snoop Dogg to opine on Country Music.
    You just don't get it.
    You never will.
    Instead, let's talk about how Rachel Maddow exposed Stacy on her show tonite.An inauspicious debut for your homie, indeed...

  5. The Gangsta Life is supported by Drug Prohibition. Rap music is supported by Drug Prohibition.

    I know gangstas may not be enough to make you want to end Drug Prohibition. But for God's sake man. How much more rap music can we take?

  6. @Y4E,
    I'm working hard, trying to muster some surprise that you would defend rap, and I cannot.
    You immediately try to distract attention by bringing in other categories.
    Look: have some maturity and sense. Call it out for the occasionally amusing (Sir Mix-a-Lot) but generally horrible stuff it is.
    And let's not bring up Rachel Maddow, either. She, also, deserves to be ignored along with Snoop Dogg.