Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Ah, the Rule 5 Sunday post, always a fine dessert after the meat and potatoes of the FMJRA, and a fine escape from the gravity of regular blogging.

This week, R5S has an exclusive, as part of our shameless support of Day by Day Cartoon . When Chris Muir delivered the goods for the support offered back in July, I was delighted and pleased to see my prints were numbered 1/340. Mr. Muir verified that, indeed, I'd been first pig to the trough, and was gracious enough to allow me to post some of the prints on line, on the condition that they not be at our usual, scrunched, postage stamp rate. Also, these are slightly, though tastefully, above our usual PG-13 rating at R5S.

Rule 5 Sunday proudly presents: "Sam Stars".

[I should note that, rather than having the artwork suffer my scanner, Mr. Muir provided additional versions for this use, and the 1/340 number of which I'm so inordinately proud isn't on display here.]

And now, back to our usual shenanigans.
  • The Conservative Shemale leads off and has a couple of posts up for consideration, including Daniel Craig, Denise, and Jordana Brewster.
  • Chad at KURU suggests Anyssa, but also Natalie Martinez.
  • DaTech Guy seems worried that Martha Raye might be deemed an odd submission. This is posted as a rather subtle form of advertising for a book written by a veteran whom DaTech Guy knows. Rule 5 Sunday has high standards, and simply refuses to be rooked into becoming an advertising vehicle for anyone, even someone who served their country honorably for 30 years in the military. Oh, wait...
  • Indentured Servant Girl "Saint Peter, don't you call me, 'cause I can't go; I owe my soul to the student loan co." has some cheesecake pinups, as well as a Marylin Monroe moment. This looks like a legitimate site. I will confess to some minor worry that the Troglopundit is going to set up "" just to see if I'll link him. He's edgy like that.
  • SondraK Can't Believe it's not Butter. For certain mostly-chocolate values of butter, it could pass. SondraK is even further out here, which is absolutely not an encouragement to Troglopundit.
  • Trog continues to amaze, with his denials of Rule 5 addiction so blatantly contradicted by his postings. This week we have Danica Patrick, Kristin Chenoweth, his ten best pickup lines (for crushed values of 'best'), and redhead without a bald spot.
  • The Huffer had a bunch of celebrity airhead award show dresses. We blew off the award show, but we're sufficient content sluts to drop these URLs like they were expensive legislation: without a second thought.
  • Recent arrival Honesty in Motion rounds up Chyler Leigh like an old pro.
  • Yankee Phil brings news of the Khloe Krdashian nuptials.
  • HotMES brings news of a charity senior citizen male calendar that might make just the right gift for that dowager aunt. Neither HotMES nor Stacy has denied his presence in this product. In more traditional Rule 5 mode, she brings Vanessa Marcil
  • Morgan Freeberg appears to be gathering steam as he nears mid-alphabet, suggesting Gemma Atkinson and Holly Weber this time.
  • Instapundit knows Capitalist Chicks.
  • Three Beers Later rebuts Instapundit with a link you should leave unclicked. Then there is a selection of beauty queens through the years. He thinks he's got an answer in the eternal beer/wine argument. Finally, he thinks he's discovered that Hannah Giles is really...
  • Dustbury brings Helen Parr and her alter ego.
  • Rightofcourse plays the VA Tech cheerleader card with both deftness and flair.
  • The Classic Liberal did something I thought un-possible: a Britney Spears Rule 5 essay that works. Fantastic.
  • The urbane and genteel, yet un-snobbish, Paco brings Lena Horne
  • WyBlog posts a bikini barista roundup that I may have seen before, but I'm willing to fake ignorance over in the name of attaining certainty.
  • Nation of Cowards continues the patriotic bikini tradition.
  • Jeffords, whose concerns range to the crushing economic situation, wishes to help Kristin Chenoweth locate employment.
  • Muchow gives us a bit of salsa with some Rule 5 in motion. Which makes me wonder why I'm not including Fausta's tango postings. I blame the lobotomy.
  • Belevedere continues to vie with Troglopundit for fanatical Rule 5 devotion. Chicks with rifles, artists renditions of Hannah Giles with a chainsaw, Goldie Hawn, Tina Louise: Belevedere must be a double-triathlete to chase 'em like that.
  • VodkaPundit lives on the edge of linkability with his NSFW Bo Derek roundup. Buth when you've go The Week in Blogs and Hair of the Dog on PJTV, you too can live the edgy life.
That's your Rule 5 rap. Email updates to Smitty. Peace, out.


  1. " I will confess to some minor worry that the Troglopundit is going to set up "" just to see if I'll link him. He's edgy like that."

    That must be an inside joke...or I'm dense because I don't get it.

  2. Thanks for all the major linky love, Smitty.

    Linked to at RULE 5 SATURDAY: Tina Louise

  3. @ISG,
    When I first saw your URL, I was curious if it might not be bait for something...different.

    The poke at Troglopundit is just silly ribbing. Dude humor, if you will. The joke URL in question is a riff on TFTLN.

  4. Something...different?


    I hope that isn't going to be a common misperception. *gulp*

    Thanks for linking all the same...I got a lot of traffic from your Rule 5 Sunday Roundup.