Friday, October 2, 2009

'Being called racist is the new black'

So said my cousin Brian Buchanan in a Facebook message last week. Brian still lives down home near Atlanta and, last time I heard, was working as a bar bouncer.

His dad "Buck" married my cousin Deb -- I still remember their wedding, a small ceremony at my Aunt Pat's Cobb County home. Buck had been studying engineering at Southern Tech in Marietta, and joined the Army. Buck worked at the White House during the 1970s (he knows Rosalyn Carter's Secret Service code-name) and served with the 101st Airborne during Operation Desert Storm before retiring with the rank of major.

Brian is 38 and -- pay attention, lovely ladies of Atlanta -- he's single. So if you ladies like your fellows big, strong and tattooed, make him your Facebook friend.


  1. Jesus! He looks like a bouncer!

  2. A little over ten years ago, my late Aunt Millie blurted out a statement that turned out to be quite prescient. She said:

    It's a gay world.

    She turned out to have been quite wise. They've certainly been mainstreamed and the gay rights agenda is progressing along quickly, with a few minor setbacks here and there, but nevertheless it is poised to achieve greater victories in the coming years.

    Today, I think however, her bit of wisdom has been superseded by this one by Richard over at Three Beers Later:

    Pedophilia... It's the New Gay!

    You may think I'm overly pessimistic but let's recall that ten years ago who would have predicted that gay marriage would have advanced so quickly?

    All I ask is that you remember you read it here [and at Three Beers].

    SIDENOTE: I still think my prediction of a year ago will come true at some point: Converting to Islam will become the fashionable thing to do amongst the 'Beautiful People'.

  3. Richard is brilliant, Bob Belvedere, no question about that.

    If I was a few years younger, unmarried, and looking for a reason for a road trip, that bouncer up there would be on the list.

    So, what was Roslyn's code-name?!? You ARE gonna tell us, aren't you???

  4. A good ole boy with a slouch hat and a cigar! I like this guy already!

  5. "So, what was Roslyn's code-name?!? You ARE gonna tell us, aren't you???"

    Mr. Peanut's Ol' Lady