Monday, September 28, 2009

Maybe the health care debate just needs a bit of refreshment

by Smitty

"Driving the industry" of your country is something that should be done with a fully sober head. As one Calculus professor I had back in the day was fond of saying: "Don't drink and park: accidents cause people."

This blog maintains that dispassionate review of the Constitution and those pesky funding details will lead the Congress to legislation that won't be the source of weeping and gnashing of teeth in the decades out.

On a related note, one hopes that Stacy isn't too distracted while he's on assignment, Iff yu knoo wha I meee.


  1. Sawr...I resent that remark. Why bourbon gives a man courage. Some of my relatives come from 'round them parts.

  2. He swore he only had one glass. Yep, that's what I used to say, too. Except the glass was the size of mop pail.

  3. My mother is 84 years old and doesn't need glasses.....she drinks straight out of the bottle [ba-dum-dum]. I'm here until Saturday [or until the bourbon runs out].

    Nipsey Belvedere