Friday, October 2, 2009

LGF still demonizing Malkin

"America Loses - Right Wings Blogs Celebrate"

That's the headline in the perverse domain of Mad King Charles:
Michelle Malkin and her commenters (and many other right wing bloggers) are dancing and celebrating this morning, because America lost its bid for the Olympics . . .
This completely puts the lie to the excuse that those who say they want Obama to fail really mean they want his policies to fail.
No, they want Obama himself to fail, and if that means America fails too, they're just fine with that.
The Sullyfication of Lizardland continues. While Charles Johnson's thirst for vengeance against me obviously explains my personal interest in his decline into irrelevance -- LGF is now just another unreadably worthless liberal site -- it is important to note what a despicably dishonest creature Johnson is.

If I am a "white supremacist blogger," as Johnson now insists, why didn't he see fit to warn anyone about this prior to my coming to the defense of Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and others after Charles had smeared them?

Charles Johnson deliberately misformed his readers about Geller et al. for months before I first spoke out against his cruel and unjust defamation. The one thing he doesn't want deluded LGF readers to discover is the true history of his vicious campaign of lies against conservatives who supported European opponents of jihad.

Johnson smeared Geller over and over again, and savagely maligned anyone who defended her. It was the sheer sadism of Johnson's assault on her that caused me to speak out.

I've got more important things than the Sissy King of Lizardland to worry about today, but you ask Pamela what she suffered because of Charles Johnson's mendacious evil. He called her a "Poster Girl for Eurofascists"! Just like he called Jim Hoft a "borderline illiterate bigot."

Cowardly liars can hurt you, but they cannot destroy you, if you'll stand up to their bullying and call them what they are. They can't survive the truth.
Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.
-- Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 KJV
Have faith and courage, and be assured that the dishonest and ungodly will ultimately destroy themselves.


  1. Ah yes, CJ.

    One of the original Birthers

  2. If criticizing PBO for wasting presidential prestige and public money on something as minor as the Olympics means we want America to fail, does Mad King Charles also think the New York Times wants America to fail?

    By the way, I'm proud to say I finally got myself banned there at LGF.

  3. I would click a LGF link with YOUR mouse.

  4. Have you ever considered the possibility that your buddy Chuck is getting a few backhanders from the DNC?

    Attacking Michelle Malkin and this "America Loses" today bit is moving into a zone where you've got to wonder.

    And the "racist" post he laid on you kind of came out of the blue... no?

    Payola seems like a viable theory to me... the DNC would do ANYthing at this point, IMO.

    And the timing of his flip is most curious...

    If CJ was moving LGF to the left a bit as an editorial and/or business decision, wouldn't have six months ago made a lot more sense?

    Why NOW... when the Dear Leader has lost his mojo... his agenda in tatters?

  5. Irrelevant doesn't even begin to cover what Johnson is....
    Doesn't this constitute libel on Mad King Chuckie's part?
    Discovery would be hilarious...can you imagine?

  6. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Charles. All your many, many enemies are white supremacists. *Yawn* Stacy has already proven - with Charles' own words - that his attacks are cynical political ploys solely made to make Charles money.

    Why don't you go blow your ******* horn, Charles, and leave the blogosphere to the grownups - you can't beat Stacy. The more Charles tries to amp up the volume, the more Stacy beats him down. It would be sad if there wasn't the pleasure of seeing Stacy maul the net's biggest cyber bully.

  7. America didn't lose. Chicago lost.

    Plus, the Olympics has created massive public debt in almost every city that has hosted in in the last 30 years. In a way, Chicago won.

    Wm T Sherman

  8. That argument about the timing is first rate, some very smart people must have been making it. (:c)

  9. If you have to read Little Green Footballs, do it in such a way that it doesn't increase Charley's hit counter or Google ranking:

  10. Aww shucks you nutwing bloggers are soo happy that the United States of America just lost out on the olympics. You'd cut off your nose to spite your face. I miss the days of Real Republicans, not you fake kind. You call people like McCain RHINOS, but's the likes of you that are not real Republicans, you're barely even Americans. Just angry unpatriotic hate mongers who don't deserve to live under the flapping banner of our stars and stripes.

  11. Yes, CJ no doubt turned conservative for money in 2001 and no doubt is turning back to the left for the same reason.

    Someone must say to Charles Johnson:

    "You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?"