Saturday, October 3, 2009

Furious Motorhead Journalist Roots About

by Smitty

s/Motorhead/Gonzo/ in the title. The FMJRA poetic license was fortunately laminated before the NEA dipped it in a jar of something unspeakable. Nothing some disinfectant can't handle.

Stacy's foray into Kentucky dominates the links this time. Thank you to everyone who supported the effort, prayerfully, financially, or linky-lovey.

Stacy Goes Bluegrass
Convinced that the mainstream media reporting on the death of Mr. Bill Sparkman couldn't really be all that bad, Stacy passed the hat and hit the road, finding, to his shock, a state full of normal, decent people.

Brooks Hates You, Which Really Hurts Inside, No?Rio--Schadenfreude as National Pastime
Derrion Albert
Yet another senseless death.
Roman Polanski
I never went back and amplified the post I put up where I said it was "statutory" rape. The situation was certainly sicker than just consensual fornication. Regret any appearance of having given the guy a pass. This gets scarier when it puts me inadvertently close to Whoopie Goldberg. Punishment indeed.
  • Anorak linked Stacy's summation: "A particularly vile pervert".
  • ThinkingMeat reaches for the tenderizer. Swing and a miss.
  • Troglopundit rhetorically asks what it takes to get Hollyweird to shun you, then answers his question graphically.
  • The Coffee Shop seems to put me in the apologist category.
  • Carol's Closet linked Stacy's original post.
  • Track-a-'Crat had some Polanski thoughts.
Has Your Book Hit #1 on 'Zon 6 Weeks Before Publication?
  • David Weigel perpetuates a few unnecessary smears while using Stacy's tie to Sarah's collaborator as a springboard for a story. David, you had an opportunity to be cool here. Swing and a miss.
  • Adrienne's Catholic Corner had a chat with Stacy on the topic.
  • Another Black Conservative is touting the book.
  • Troglopundit has been rounding up the Palin AutoMotivators. We went for the cosmic win with the title.
  • Alan Colmes mentions, but does not link this blog, while talking about Lynn Vincent.

Ayers the Ghostwriter

A Little Bit of Patton
LGF Update
  • The Rude News discusses LFG tactics, training and procedures (TTP).
  • Red Alerts has apparently been attacked in action peripheral to the main Charles Johnson fracas.
Nannyism for Real

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  1. Smitty, it hurts my brain to even think about how long it takes to put a monster list like this together.

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