Thursday, August 6, 2009

Known Traffic Menace Terrorizes D.C.

Now I'm on my way to Capitol Hill -- texting this post via cell phone while weaving wildly through traffic -- and I notice I'm linked by The Sarah Palin Blog:
"Gryphen" is upset that "minions" of "the Palin team" exposed him. So it was okay for him to fabricate a story about the Palins and create a rumor cancer that spread on the Internet. But, it is not okay for someone to expose him.
Gryphen, you do see the difference right? What you did is called - "lying." What Dan Riehl did is called - "good reporting." The difference being - now stay with me on this Gryphen - something called - "the truth."
Hey, where's the nuance in that? Please note once more that this post is clearly marked "humor," so I'm probably just joking if I tell you I just had to jump the curb and drive half a block down the sidewalk -- stupid tourist bus! -- so I'm not late for my next appointment.

Well, that's all for now. I might need to drive with both hands for the next maneuver. Be sure to check in at Riehl World View for more good-spirited humor.


  1. En guerre, l'art ne consiste pas à frapper fort, ni à frapper souvent, mais à frapper juste.

    Stacy, you and Dan have demonstrated superb generalship in this matter. Thank you!

    The matter is of gravest national security importance and your picking it for focus demonstrates your grasp of what is "juste" and deserves "la force de frappe."

    Your and Dan's work in this matter recalls Hannibal at Cannae, Morgan at Cowpens, MacArthur at Inchon.

    Again, thank you!

  2. That wasn't a tourist bus, man. That was a day care's field trip.