Saturday, August 8, 2009

the Investigation; Note on Credit

Matt Carter of the Dallas TV Examiner:
After it was made clear that "Gryphen" (his handle on the blog) was in fact Jesse Griffin, the blogger abruptly resigned from his job as a kindergarten aide at a local Anchorage school. . . .
Since the story broke, some commentators have chosen to add their thoughts. Fox News has been the most prominent channel to televise news of rumors so far, with Bill O'Reilly referring to it as "nasty" and a "vicious attack;" Glenn Beck introduced the story as "Americans ignoring common sense." Fox News is watched by a more conservative audience than CNN or MSNBC. Could this have something to do with why the network is choosing to cover it while others are choosing to turn the other way? (Emphasis added.)
Note the passive construction, "it was made clear." By whom was it made clear? Carter gives no indication, and the unwary reader might be excused for supposing that Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck were responsible.

Given that Dan Riehl and I spent six days sweating blood to get this story, Mr. Carter's failure to acknowledge our work constitutes an attempt to deprive us of proper credit. He should rectify this oversight because, while I am tolerant and forgiving, Dan Riehl is from New Jersey -- IYKWIMAITYD -- and his umbrage is something no one should incur even by well-intentioned oversight, much less by purposeful insult.

Just in case anyone has arrived late at this news, here are links to major items, arranged in chronological order, in the development of the "Gryphen"/Griffin story:
Anyone in any medium (online, print, radio, TV) wishing to report further on this story is free to do so, but anyone who fails to acknowledge the original reporting . . . well, trust me, you wouldn't want Dan Riehl mad at you.

BTW, Dan and I have had the help of various Web scavengers who have not sought credit for their contributions to this investigation. Yet I freely acknowledge, as I am sure Dan also would do, that we could not have done this without the assistance of many unnamed others.

Because I've got other work to do, I'm content to let Dan handle things from here on out. Be sure to check Riehl World View for any further developments. And now, the unofficial Dan Riehl theme song:

"Cheap" I wish. It's a labor of love.


  1. Now if we can start the pushback against the citizen of the Crown, who also is Obama's favourite Blogger (TM) -- Andrew Sullivan.

    For some crazy reason since 1/20/09, he is not a big fan of dissent. But he supports the guy who a supports Ahamadinijad and Chavez.

    And how much do those two puppes like dissent?

  2. You do KNOW jfs Palin while on her RNC campaign she neglected 150 Alaska Native villages (Ya know those natives she keeps saying she is kin to, who make her cool jewelry and endures racism because they are her family) trying to survive with soaring oil prices. In Palin's negligence and refusal to focus on appointing a new rural adviser for her personal agendas, after hers QUIT in October. The savior of Alaskans in their life and death struggles was none other than HUGO CHAVEZ who stepped up supplying Alaskan villagers HUNGRY MARKET with his Venezuela God Given Natural Resources....not Palin or Alaskan resources.

    Palin is a LIAR and a FRAUD!!!

    *IF* McCain here is man enough to allow this post through he would give professional kudos to the who's owner/operator through her reputation & kindness started a fund drive that supplied rural Alaskans with food/fuel/necessary supplies for the helpless and children especially recently during the Spring flooding while Palin sat on her ass until Sean Parnell got Frankie Graham up to AK with his jets/food packages...of course thereafter Palin was sure to be thisclose with home baked cookies for the photo op but until than read the numerous requests, pleas, cries for help that were never meaningful addressed respectfully, professionally or with any humanitarian concern by Palin.

  3. @Isabella,
    If you look at the map, beyond trollsville is a hazy region labeled "self-parody".
    We needn't do much research into what an incompetent boob afflicts the poor Venezuelans to see what farce you're peddling.
    I commend your courage for putting your own name to the post, and further encourage study of Hayek and Sowell as a means of navigating yourself free of self-parody.

  4. Thomas Van Flein figured out Griffin's identity before it was handed to the Bobbsey twins. Give him the credit he's due.

  5. In fact, it could well have been Van Flein who emailed you the name.

  6. Isabella, here is what you and the other losers creepy people sound like when you talk about Palin -"Blah Blah Blah Blah". If you want some serious advice and you are a friend to one Celtic Diva and Mr. Creepy himself(Jesse) you should tell them that all of us are getting sick of watching their asses grow while they do nothing but sit behind a computer and stew about Palin. And I would bet that you fit the same profile- extremely unattractive all of your life, never fit in, looked at the pretty, smart girl all in high school and either said "I'll never be like that" or "I will never get anyone like that". So now here is the internet, finally a way to "get even" with her. Most people would just try to improves themselves but you and the Alaskan bloggers have found one another and decided to go the other direction. To somehow take that person down. It's a real psychosis, what's more is that you make sure you surround yourself with like minded people so you can forever stay in that state of denial about what it is really about. Jealousy, INSECURITY and hate.

  7. Frances said "...what it is really about. Jealousy, INSECURITY and hate"

    You are deluded and rather BORING repeating this B*S* SarhPAC mantra.

    I have no INSECURITIES my dear little demented Earthing. I am LOUD, I am PRESENT, I am in public with my DISSATISFACTION (Read ANNOYANCE dumbass not jealousy) at how Palin abused state resources for her own personal gain.

    Everyone of you talking sht about us REAL Alaskans WHO ACTUALLY LIVE IN ALASKA and see first person what Palin's antics have caused with your attempts to demean concerns by claiming we are so so jealous of a 45 year old womans Naughty Monkey's is laughable.

    None of you could endure what we do. You are caught up in Palin's celebrity not her real life person and hey, whatever gets your heart racing and your mojo going is probably a good thing but just know you are morons if you believe the crap that comes out of her mouth.

    She is no longer our states problem. Palin cannot harm Alaska anymore nor every again with her greedy whre ways & for that, YES, there is a happy dance going on.

    As for surrounding myself with "Like minded people", surely you jest and did not read my banishment from AK BLOG sites for publicly declaring Celtic Diva and Gryphen FREAKS JERKS & CREEPS for attempting to piss on Palin's grave in an attention ALL ABOUT ME blitz on their forums that had nothing to do with policies...they not only banned me from commenting on their sites, they as well sent out denouncement on Twitter to AK Bloggers around the world who follow them.

    LMAO again at your feeble attempt to spam your loser nonsense @ me for questioning Palin. I question because she is an obvious FRAUD and as unfair as life is when someone like her blatantly takes and race baits to a frenzy of hate with dire consequences someone without an agenda needs to speak out. I am.

  8. Can we dial this stuff back a bit? The hysterical rhetoric is not very appealing when I'm trying to bask in my favorite AC/DC song...

  9. @Isabella,
    She is no longer our states problem. Palin cannot harm Alaska anymore nor every again with her greedy whre ways & for that, YES, there is a happy dance going on.
    Don't be such a tease. Put up a YouTube link to this famous dancing. Is it like Morris dancing, or does the sad truth that all the participants, save one, are stuffed animals chained together sort of become problematic?

  10. Hey Frances, you post a REAL YOU pictures, lets get a look at the size of your ass? Then I'll post one of myself from Moorea vacation where there is nothing left to the imagination...put up or STFU!!!

    My pics are dated and have been up for a few months. My name is on them with comments also too dated.

    I wanna see what kind of ugly is spouting this jealousy Jr. high stupidity all over the net.

    Your name on pictures your Flicka account or Facebook, lets go LINK US ALL...and don't try to post your granddaughter or some priss you found on a dating site.

  11. Gee Chris you asking me out? How about first you put up an unfuzzy pic of yourself. Ya know I am all about the looks. I cannot be interested in conversing unless you are HOT.

    BTW, if you take off your Palin Rose Colored Glasses for a minute, you would see READ that I am more like minded with you but if you wanna slam me on one topic I guess the answer is no, even if you are cute I don't want to hang with you and FYI my new baby is a 2010 Smoke Black Chevy Camero I DO NOT NEED TO TEASE a mere mortal to get off.

  12. @Isabella,
    No, I'm not asking you out. My wife thinks I'm cute, and I'm such a boring, old-school monogamist that I wouldn't make it past a group outing to the karaoke bar with you and Stacy.
    Which, if you care to attend CPAC, could likely be arranged.
    Such a shame that your interest in conversation is superficially limited based upon HOT appearance.
    And I don't know what you're talking about with "Palin Rose Colored Glasses". I really care not fig #1 for personality politics. If you care to look, oh, just down the page, you'll see that I'm quite wait-and-see for the substance of any candidate's policy. For goodness' sake, we've pushed the country to the edge of the abyss by electing one person on style; would sane people follow that with another?
    And my car is as old-school as my marriage: a 2002 PT Cruiser, that I hope outlives this administration. I bet it gets stuck in traffic just as fast as your 2010. ;)
    At any rate, I need some beauty sleep. It sounds like you've accepted the little dancing jape as the mild joke it was.
    Take care,

  13. Isbella,
    I can only tell by your rantings that I hit a nerve. It is a shame with all of your "knowlege" about Alaska you couldn't do what someone else did and run for office instead of just talking-do something. I had also only hoped that you had brains to fall back on, but you proved otherwise with your Hugo Chavez comment. Cuba and Venezuela I do know something about. But I have an idea, if Alaska ever goes the way of Cuba and Venezuela, with the toilet paper shortage, there are two people that you should look at first for the blame-one Celtic Diva and Mr. Creepy(Jesse). I don't think I need to explain why.