Friday, August 7, 2009

It's a small binary world after all

by Smitty (h/t Open...)

Apparently, some bloke in Georgia (not RSM's home state, but Edward Shevardnadze's) was the cause of a globally visible ruckus yesterday:
A Georgian blogger with accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal and Google's Blogger and YouTube was targeted in a denial of service attack that led to the site-wide outage at Twitter and problems at the other sites on Thursday, according to a Facebook executive.
Open... quotes the victim as saying:
this hackers was from Russian KGB
I had a personal, albeit orders of magnitude smaller, experience along these lines last year when I put up something on the Slashdot Firehose.
Displeased people, presumably from Russia, mod-bombed me into oblivion and wrote rather threatening replies all over the site.
Granted, it's only a website, but it does give one pause. The concept of free speech is not universally deemed a feature.

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  1. Several of us at Riehl World have been having problems, on and off, getting you and Conservatives4Palin all morning. Seems to be a problem with the Blogspot sites....? Could this be somehow related to yesterday's DOS? It's only a problem when I use Google.