Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lest we think there is no room for things to worsen here...

by Smitty

Dr. Sanity posts a haunting video compiled by Iranian women in protest to the brutality with which our current administration seems strangely comfortable. Heart wrenching.

Also on the topic of women speaking truth to power, Sarah Palin called Obamacare "downright evil". So, that's going to curry favor with BHO. Hat tip ABC, who also has the best graphic on the topic.

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  1. Dr. Sanity is one of the best bloggers on the web. I think she was ground down a while back by some of the flak coming off the LGF/Gates of Vienna thing (from my perspective). Takes long breaks and doesn't seem to engage.

    I can understand, of course. It's hard out there for a neocon!