Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Real Facts, Riehl Theory

Did Jesse Griffin get fired or suspended from his Anchorage kindergarten job Tuesday? The school itself can not comment on personnel matters. It's quite unusual for Dan Riehl to publish speculation or theory:
Does he have a personality so weak he can't afford to lose face under any circumstances, going to any length to try to prevent it?
On the other hand, because "Gryphen"/Griffin published an "exclusive" from "one of [his] best sourcces," yet he was just making stuff up . . . well, Dan says:
This is all speculation, of course. But then, so are Jesse Griffin's alleged news reports on Sarah Palin. No harm in experimenting with his form of journalism for a change, right? It isn't like he has any grounds to complain.
Read the whole thing. And keep checking back at Riehl World View, on the outside chance that Link"Gryphen"/Griffin decides to give straight answers some of the questions Dan e-mailed him.


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  1. Someone needs to close an underline tag.... ;) Looking forward to hearnig more about this issue!