Friday, August 7, 2009

Coulter In the House!

Just ducked out of a speech by Ann Coulter here at the YAF National Conservative Student Conference, so I could report her opening line: "I'd like to thank the pharmaceutical industry for putting together this fake audience for me."

Actually, the audience is real -- and it's spectacular! Coulter also said that, thanks to the Obama administration, now every ballerina can grow up to be White House chief of staff.

Will update later . . .

UPDATE: Now it's Q&A time, where Ann has -- in the past -- caused controversy.

UPDATE II: Understand that the last-night dinner at the YAF conference is a big deal, and the young ladies get all dolled up for it. Some of them are dressed in a manner that might best be described as . . . well, Coulteresque.

OK, so a platinum blonde in a zebra-striped dress just asked Ann whether she would advise attending law school, as Coulter herself did.

"Do not go to law school," replies Ann. "Encourage liberals to go to law school. It's a complete waste of time."

Coulter said the only caveat is, it's OK to go to law school if you actually want to practice law. But if you''re just a recent college graduate who doesn't know what to do next, the "Oh, I guess I'll just go to law school" route is a waste of time, she said.

BTW, Coulter was introduced tonight by Ramapo College senior Lauren Scirocco, who was recently interviewed in Time magazine:
I really like Sarah Palin. I think as a conservative woman, I can really relate to her. . . . Conservatives feel like she's someone they can relate to and believe in. Liberals vilify her and make fun of her constantly, and I think that's because they're afraid of her and know she's going to be there in the future. She's not going away.
BTW, Miss Scirocco's dress tonight is . . . Coultersque.

UPDATE III: Just met Robert Vernon Myers III, a recent graduate of Florida International University, and had the opportunity to introduce him to Regis Giles, daughter of popular conservative commentator Doug Giles. Young Miss Giles' black dress tonight is . . . Coulteresque.

UPDATE IV: Speaking of Coulteresque . . .

At left is A.J. Dobson of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, who just had his book signed by Ann Coulter. I jokingly suggested Ann should write her personal cell number under her autograph, but that wouldn't be Coultersque. That would be . . . Cougaresque.

Speaking of bad jokes, remember Jesse Griffin? Miss Coulter told me, "You've been doing some great work lately." She said she had seen the reports that Dan Riehl and I had done about the anti-Palin blogger "Gryphen." BTW, just noticed that story's been linked by Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs, and meanwhile Dan Riehl has the latest on Jesse.

UPDATE V: To the commenter who asked: Yes, Mrs. Other McCain knows where I am. And she also knows I'll be at the private after-party at an undisclosed location. Mrs. Other McCain has been putting up with my bad jokes for 20 years.

And so, folks . . . on to the after-party!

UPDATE VI: by Smitty
Stacy reports, from an undisclosed location, that at 2300 Eastern, an Coulter ate a cheese-fry. Additionally, she is partaking of a margarita on the rocks for her beverage. This is offered in direct rebuke of the lefties who claim she's a succubus.

UPDATE VII: by Smitty
Via Town Hall, the monologue.


  1. does mrs. McCain know where you are? You're sounding a little "hot" under the collar. Of course if maintain that "temperature" and bring it back home then I'm sure everything will be alright.

    Thanks for the report.

  2. She looks great in that shade of blue. I've always seen her in black or cream.

  3. Another gratuitous Coulter pic on a blog post. Seems okay to me.

  4. There isn't much that escapes Ann Coulter.

    Appears not much escapes you, either, Mr. Other McCain *grin* How very Coultersque!

    I've enjoyed your running commentary.

  5. Sounds like you ought to be putting up a YAF Rule 5 post this weekend.

  6. Lucky Stacy. I'd love to meet Ann Coulter, one of biggest heroes. One of my prettiest heroes, come to think of it.

  7. DEUCE WROTE: Sounds like you ought to be putting up a YAF Rule 5 post this weekend.

    Such a thing would certainly be possible, Deuce. However, all things considered, I don't believe it would be appropriate.

    After a long week of staring into a computer screen 14 to 16 hours a day, covering the YAF conference for two days was a pleasant relief. Online life tends to have an isolating effect. To get out and socialize amongst actual flesh-and-blood human beings is always a tonic. To become engaged in on-the-scene first-source reporting -- even light-hearted fun stuff -- is a welcome respite from the lonely blogger lige that might otherwise become an experience of oppressive loneliness.

    My reporting trips to Capitol Hill are one way of breaking the blogging monotony, and covering a big conference like this is another. The fact that the YAF conference attracts several hundred fired-up young conservative activists -- including dozens of members of that Republican sorority we might unofficially designate "Future Coulters Of America" -- certainly enhances the anti-monotony factor.

    However, I would not want to discriminate against the other YAF activists by dwelling too much on the FCOA contingent. The intern who brought me a cheeseburger should not feel that his services were taken for granted merely because he wasn't a girl in a painted-on dress. And AOSHQ fan Eva Molina, who is chairwoman of the Amerhert College Republicans and interns at Clare Boothe Luce Policiy Institute and dresses modestly, shouldn't feel she must bleach her hair blonde and wear a zebra-print dress in order to be recognized for her abilities.

    Rule 5 is about the fun-spirited celebration of beauty and a conscious derogation of feminist cant. I'm not sure if the FCOAs at the YAF conference had ever heard of Rule 5, ahtough one would hope they understood their costumes as that sort of protest against PC puritanism.

    In conclusion, then, let me merely add: I have seen the future of conservatism, and the future is going to be a beautiful place!