Wednesday, August 5, 2009

'Former Palin Staffer Shopping Book'!?

"Diva moments, when Palin actually first heard from John McCain (not when she claimed), and how Palin believes she's 'the chosen one.' We'll post what we can when we get it."
-- Dennis Zaki,, 8/1

"AlaskaReport has learned that Todd Palin and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin are to divorce. Multiple sources in Wasilla and Anchorage (including a former Palin staffer) have confirmed the split."
-- Dennis Zaki,, 8/5
Wow, if Sarah Palin's lawyer Thomas Van Flein is the omnipotent Rove-like svengali that Jeanne Devon says he is, then it shouldn't be too hard to deduce the identity of that source.

Really: How many Palin-hating former Palin staffers would have a bozo like Dennis Zaki on speed-dial? So add that one to your deposition list, Mr. Van Flein.


  1. Zaki posted that divorce lie today? They just don't know when to quit.


  2. Alert: Anyone using my name "JuJu posting negative comments about this site, Palin or any other conservative is NOT me. I am guessing it is some poster from Jesse's site and needs to hide behind a false name to report negative comments. It seems they learned well from their master Jesse...hide behind a name and use smear comments to make a point.

  3. The truth on Mrs. Devon-

  4. So this whole divorce lie was a set-up for shopping a book deal.

    The rumor is Zak is really the former staffer?

  5. There is a rumor by Zaki's former staffer that he is a repulsive liar.