Tuesday, August 4, 2009

VIDEO: Censorship on Capitol Hill?

Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) says -- surprise! -- the Democrats are trying to shut down opposing viewpoints:

(Via Washington News Observer.)


  1. No surprise since they're also trying to suppress dissenting opinions of ObamaCare. Have you seen the healthcare czar's infomercial on the White House website. Shades of Orwell!

  2. Then the time has come for Republicans on the Franking Committee to oppose all franking submissions from Democrats. As Rep. Carter states, since all committee members must agree on the content before the members' communications are approved for dissemination, Republican committee members objecting to every single submission by Democrats shuts down their side of this ham-handed Fascist stalling tactic. Throw it right back in their faces. Let's be honest here, the Democrats can't sell a single one of their policies without lying, stretching the truth, omitting critical facts, etc..., so finding a reason to object to anything submitted by the Democrats will be like shooting fish in a barrel.