Thursday, August 6, 2009

Live from YAF Conference!

I'm at the Young America's Foundation National Conservative Student Conference, where Monica Crowley speaks tonight.

Will update with photos after dessert, but first I've got to tell you some weird news: No fewer than three students here have already told me they read the blog. One of them is Patrick Cassil, whose older sister is Alisa Cassil (a Facebook friend); another is actually Joseph Farah's daughter, Alyssa; and the third is Eva Lorraine Molina, a Sarah Palin fan at Amherst College who's actually been following the Hiroshima/Nagasaki thing that Dan and I have been doing this week.

Also, Eva is a fan of Ace of Spades HG -- the next generation of Morons! Read my American Spectator article about the YAF Conference here.

Will update with photos and speech excerpts after I get my dessert and coffee.

UPDATE I: First two photos:

Monica Crowley and Jason Mattera.

Hannah Giles, Jason Mattera, Alyssa Farah. (Y'know, I think somebody's trying to make somebody jealous.)

UPDATE II: Monica Crowley speaking about Obama: "This guy is even more dangerous than Bill Clinton ever was. . . . He is a radical through and through."

Crowley on the town halls: "I love it that our Democratic elected representatives are afraid of us. . . . And they should be!"

Ah, some more photos of the attendees:

Alisa Cassil and her brother Patrick Cassil.

My tablemates and fellow Georgians, sisters Naomi and Lydia Brown.

Lydia Brown with Stephen Hodgson of the Young Briton's Foundation.

Will update with more photos and quotes . . .

UPDATE III: More photos:

Brittany Bezick, Katelyn Alfano and Elizabeth Davidson.

Kelsey Budd, on the left, actually helped me with some of the IDs of earlier photos, and at right is Eva Lorraine Molina, the AOSHQ fan.

More photos to come . . .

UPDATE IV: In the Q&A, Naomi Brown asked a question and Crowley responded by saying she'd vote to elect Brown president. Also, Crowley called cap-and-trade "tantamount to the largest tax increase in the history of the world" and said the Waxman-Markey bill, if enacted would be "the death knell of the U.S. economy."

A couple more photos:

Adam Destremps and Travis Korson.

Ruth Malhotra and YAF's Patrick Coyle.

Travis Korson, Elizabeth Davidson, Emily O'Neil, Adam Destremps.

Well, they're shutting down here. Be back tomorrow for Ann Coulter!


  1. Stacy, you are 1 in a million. Thanks for your passion, humor, intelligence, and work ethic. What does it take to get you on O'Reilly? Why did Dan get all the credit on the Palin blog (he deserved half)?

    When will I see you again (LOL- NTTAWWT).

  2. Wow, more good looking Republican women. It gives me hope.

    Thanks for the pics.

  3. Wow, these photos once again confirm that conservative women are beautiful!

    I was a member of YAF in college. We had some really nasty fights with the left back in the 1970's. I once heckled Herbert Apetheker when he spoke at the University of Santa Clara. It was great fun!

  4. Whoops, the YAF I was a member of was Young Americans for Freedom. It was probably a different group.

  5. So I'm confused. Is this a Rule 5 post?

  6. lol. That's John Paul Cassil.

  7. GREAT POST, look at all those great looking Conservatives.

  8. Wow.. you really did capture the conference. Thanks for putting my picture up there. it looks great and the conference was fantastic.

  9. Apart from Kelsey Budd, those are some fugly broads in those pictures. The girl in the picture with Hannah Giles looks like a donkey.

  10. That Emily O'Neil has some nice cans. I wonder how much they cost? i'd motor boat the hell out of them. MRMRMRMRMRMRMRMR!!!!!

  11. Look at all those ugly white people. Hang in there crackers, your day will come. Oh wait, it already has, welcome to the 21st century where people actually think.