Saturday, August 8, 2009

Follow-on Mound-o'-links Just Roars Ahead

by Smitty

Thanks to everyone for the indulgence on the FMJRA pause last Saturday. Now we can catch up on the previous week's anchor tag festivities. Griffaquiddick really dominates the links, as it did the week. If it wasn't so pathetically stupid, one could wish for similar stories at higher frequency.

...from the POMPETUS of love
  • Right of course had excellent thoughts on the BHO Joker controversy.
Blogger Advice
  • Lonely Conservative liked the advice given to trollish commenters. OK, I had approved the post. My line is drawn in a different location than RSM's.
Snitches Be We
  • Grandpa John tosses a rack of bloggers under the bus using a horseshoe throw thought forgotten lost with the Coolidge administration. Reach-around, indeed.
Vice President Biden
  • Troglopundit thinks that this is a deterrent against asking timeline questions about BHO. This democracy is an experiment, no? I'm ready to try the Jester, instead of the Joker.
  • The Nashville Post liked the birther summary.
  • Pat in Shreveport posts a review of the Walpin case, and also laments that there isn't any media, or Congressional for that matter, interest in IG-Gate.
  • Instapundit notices the connection between Dodd and IG-Gate. And it's not that both are, sadly, cancer-riddled.
  • The Camp of the Saints continues to be the definitive index to the scandal.
Libertarians as GOP bitches
  • Knappster takes Stacy to task for his analysis of the meaning of a six-ballot Barr nomination in 2008. I'll let better looking people than me critique the analysis. My preferred argument is the straight, simple, classical federalist one. You realize that we have 50 different opportunities to be as libertarian, socialist or moderate as we want to, once the Federal vampire is de-fanged. There really isn't a need to argue any viewpoint to conclusion at the Federal level: just make sure that the stake stays stuck in the vampire's heart. OK, Stacy has responded.
Miscellaneous Shouts
  • Mark Thompson of the Ordinary Gentlemen considered the seatbelt law question, linking humans aren't numbers post. Good post, but could be expanded into a general consideration of the Progressive agenda, in my opinion.
  • Caffeinated Thoughts makes a crucial point:
    To those of us who blog there’s a lesson here whether we are conservative, liberal or someplace in between… we can’t just write whatever we want and make up stuff and not expect to reap consequences. It is easy to hide behind anonymity and throw rocks.
    I'll pile on and add that it's not too hard to make a stand in favor of a position in a positive way. Give reasonable space to legitimate counter-arguments. Then attack the opposition with dispassionate questions.
  • Paul at the Home Security Blog rounds up blogadvice, giving appropriate position to Stacy.
  • Jesse Hathaway puts up an excellent post concerning the New Black Panther case dismissal. He linked us, as if daring me to include him in the roundup. I take that dare.
  • Adrienne's Catholic Corner honors Mrs. The Other McCain (who is a wonderful lady, I can say, having met her) after a refreshing photo tour of her garden. If you need a flower break, go to the arboretum, or this post.
  • The Reaganite Republican Resistance liked and linked the Cash for Clunkers post.
  • Bob Belvedere like Brooks bashing, but is lukewarmer(?) than my lukewarm willingness to consider Mitt Romney. And then there is the DK/Rush connection. May need to get together with this guy for a beverage.
The Main Event: Griffaquiddick
  • The fabulous Pamela at Atlas Shrugs picked up on us.
  • Doug at Sondra K wonders aloud how lame you have to be...
  • The Rhetorican picked it up.
  • Al-Wa7a had a lengthy roundup, but little evidence of their origin.
  • Another Black Conservative followed the story, providing an Epic Fail summary, and opined:
    I find it very odd that his supporters seem unbothered by his comments. If you go to the Immoral Minority and read through the comments, no one seems alarmed or creped out by any of his statements. So myopic are they with their Palin hatred, that they readily accept all these disturbing things. It says a lot about the state of politics on the far left.
  • Jimmie invokes the classic adage about discovering you're in a hole, and halting the digging.
This blog will now seek to squelch the rumor that Griffin once fronted the punk outfit The U-Men, and was merely carrying out the mission in their nihilist classic "Dig it a Hole":

In any case, it makes an appropriate theme song for Griffaquiddick.
  • Caffinated Thoughts links to Megyn Kelly discussing Griffaquiddick on O'Reilly. I know, MK is pure Rule 5 by definition, but we're focusing on the legal content here.
  • The Rude News tried to help Griffin, after a fashion:
    Naming the post "Kicking Some Teeth In" in no way endorses violence against losers, wussies, cowards or even decent human beings. It’s just my way of offering Griffin another shelter should he no longer be able to hide behind school children.
    I confess to missing the logic behind this, and request clarification.
  • Chad at the KURU Lounge was unimpressed by the specifics of the problem. The two points he seems to miss are the children at risk to a creepy character, and the fact that this is a shot o'er the bow to all of the clowns who helped drive Sarah out of office in the first place. If you take away those two factors, Chad, sure, the thing becomes a local matter that the POTUS might term 'stupid'.
  • Pumas for Palin suggests Sarah stay silent about the divorce rumor. Good analysis, which she appears to be following. And with the dynamic duo of Riehl and McCain demonstrating the difference between a legitimate journalistic inquiry and a Joe-the-Plumber-esque character assassination, what more need be done?
  • Liberalsmash included Griffaquiddick in a roundup.
  • BelchSpeak emitted a cloud. Which recalls a sausage pizza and a can of ginger ale and a story that, in the name of decency, I shan't continue.
  • Political By Line, the bearer of the big guns, thinks that boy bit off waaay more than he can chew.
  • Cassandra weighed in, generating an absurd rumor of her own.
  • The Rhetorican noted that Griffaquiddick has provided a new Griffin gate, or sorts.
  • Irons in the Fire took notice.
  • We had the honor of making Melissa Clouthier's podcast.
  • The Ruby Slippers Blog clicked its heels.
  • Moe Lane noted that the renegade hockey mom quote is apparently real.
  • The Daley Gator quoted us.
  • Thomas Lamb notes Griffin's affinity for 'bitchy'.
  • Fullosseous Flap had a roundup, including a Facebook screencap.
  • Jimmie mocks the magic of multiple sources.
  • Carolyn Tackett: "Excuse me if my heart doesn't break for poor little Jesse".
  • Rhetorican focused on some legal aspects.
  • Rightofcourse linked the divorce quote in a roundup.
  • Libertarian Republican complements Stacy.
  • Backyard Conservative picked up on the multiple sources angle.
  • Eric Florack over at Pajamas Media: liberal bloggers crash and burn.
  • Joe at NOVA Town Hall: "Sarah Kicks Liberal Ass Just By Walking The Earth".
  • The Confluence noted the tabliod blogging.
  • Blatherings echoed the now-famous quote from the renegade hockey mom.
  • Wake Up America was tracking the story.
  • The Faithful Progressive linked us.
  • Paco linked us faithfully.
  • Kim Priestap linked us, too.
  • Wizbang digs us.
  • The Ruby Slippers Blog likes them some debunkin'.
  • Jimmie makes the depressing observation that a divorce would have been a Christmas present in lefty land.
  • Tigerhawk links us. And we should link TH more.
  • Texas 4 Palin links, and throws in some Monty Python for good justice.
That more or less catches us up. Send your cheers and jeers to Smitty. Pray for peace, keep the powder dry, and hit the tip jar.


  1. Actually I didn't miss the fact that he was around / teaching kids. Here is what I said:

    Yeah the guy is obviously a lying sleazeball but last I checked that in and of itself wasn't illegal and yeah the stuff he is putting on his blog isn't appropriate for kindergartners but again not illegal and isn't it the parents responsibility to review site content before they let the precious little ones visit. When you have proof of him making death threats against the Palins or actually attempting to bugger school kids get back to me until then he is just another liberal douchebag with a hate-on for Sarah Palin.

    From what I have seen there is no indication he has acted inappropriately around kids. If he has then obviously yes he should be fired / prosecuted.

    As far as it being a shot over the bow. Cool go for it I just think you are wasting your time on the wromg target.

  2. Nice roundup, and great job overall. And, thanks for observing us at Pumas4Palin, we adore the lady!

  3. @Chad,
    "obviously a lying sleazeball but last I checked that in and of itself wasn't illegal"
    The benefit of the doubt is an order of magnitude smaller where kids are concerned.
    You might build an argument that the First Amendment permits him to dress and act like Rob Halford, and citizens will agree, just not around the children of those citizens. A line is crossed.

  4. You might build an argument that the First Amendment permits him to dress and act like Rob Halford, and citizens will agree, just not around the children of those citizens.

    Is there any evidence he was doing that? Not from what was posted here or at Riehl World View, although Riehl World View did a damn good job of accsuing the guy of being a pedophile without offering a shred of proof. Short Dan Riehl "I have have read Jesse's blog posts and analyzed his thoughts, using a technique I have no training in but have once discussed with a guy who does, and I have concluded that Jesse wants to have sex with 5 year old boys"

    If he was making the statements that were on his blog to the kids in his class that would be problematic. If he was directing the kids in his class to his blog for some reason, such as information about homework assignments, then that would also be a problem. I haven't seen any evidence of that. IF (and this is a very big if based on the evidence presented) he engaged in any sort of inappropriate behavior with children he should be prosecuted.

    What you are doing is utilizing the Clinton argument "It's for the children. Won't someone please think of the children?" When in reality this has nothing to do with the children it has to do with getting back at this guy because he slimed Palin. As I said that's cool - go for it, but be honest about it.

    As for how effective you were in countering this guy - it's debatable. Yeah he quite as a kindergarten teacher but after all the build-up what was actually revealed was laughable. Literally I laughed. I thought there was gonna be some huge revelation about how this guy had been in the employ of the Obama campaign or something similar and what do we get? Some guy who likes to jerk off and makes stupid statements like If sex isn't nasty you aren't doing it right.

    Finally let's get back to the children for a minute - As I said before isn't it the parents responsibility to be monitoring their internet usage. What the hell is a grade schooler doing on myspace by themsleves? I have a lot concern about parents who let their kids run rampant on myspace, where believe me I can find things a lot more inappropriate than the posts under discussion, than I do about a 49 year old guy posting about his the philosphical underpinnings of his daily ritual of self-abuse.

  5. @Chad,
    No, I think he was hammered because of the children. What consenting adults do is their business, but the content of the remarks hinted at possibilities that do not sit well with average parents.
    If you don't have children of your own, it is possible that some of the nuances may elude you.
    Griffin doesn't get the benefit of the doubt, once the remarks are discovered.